Five Must Have Budget Friendly Winter Skincare Products


Hey guys! Winter is finally here! The days of cool breezes, Steaming coffee, cozy blankets and of course, dry skin. I know how tough it is to keep your dried skin hydrated and moisturized during these days. This is the only time of the year when I yearn to get back my natural skin oils back. But it’s always to no avail. So this year I decided to share with you guys 5 Must have Budget friendly products for your winter skincare.

I am seriously on a tight budget these days. And on top of it the dry weather has certainly put some pressure on my pocket. Though the market is filled with Body lotions, Moisturizers, Creams and what not, it’s tough to pick up products which are less fussy in terms of budgeting and also of great use. So here I list the top five budget friendly products you must have this winter!

  1. Face Wash
    Now here is the tricky part; getting a face wash which doesn’t dry out your skin and make it look like you are literally out of a horror movie! I mean seriously! Cleansing is one of the most important skin routines considering the amount of dust and pollution our skin is exposed to every day. Hence life without a face wash is absolutely unbelievable now. Most of the Indian girls follow this skin routine the most because that’s what is required the most after we reach our homes. I personally always wash my face couple a times a day and it is of utmost important because I have a sensitive skin. The breakouts are too much to handle; thus too oily or dry makes me sick. The issue is my skin turns very oily in summer for which I use a strong face wash but the same one turns my face flaky in winter. Thus, I recommend a face wash like the Himalaya Herbals Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash, which has worked wonder for me this winter. This face wash is very gentle and mild considering it has Aloe Vera and also Cucumber. It leaves your face clean and doesn’t dry up my skin at all. A wonderful product that discovered on my desperate search for a good winter face wash in India. Love it! Absolutely must have!


Price: Rs.55/- for

  1. Moisturizer/ Winter Cream
    Mind you, I am not endorsing any particular brand here but featuring the product which has worked for me and I hope works for you guys too. Though I have always opted for a winter cream which is milder and softer considering I had an oily skin and a tendency for breakouts on usage of high oil content ones, I recently started using this winter cream called the Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream which works absolutely perfect for my skin. It is soft yet moisturizing enough to work through the terrible dryness my skin suffers in winter. The brand works for me maybe because their products are herbal and do not result in too much breakouts. Absoluetly love it. I also recommend the Nivea Soft Light Moisuturizer which is the most tender cream I have ever come across. a classic one for winters if you suffer from very oily skin and do not like the regular cold creams.


Price: Himalaya – Rs. 75/- for 50ml
Nivea – Rs. 200/- for 300ml


  1. Body Lotion
    As much as our face requires moisturizing, so does our body. This winter I experimented with my body lotion. I opted for the new Parachute Advance Coconut Milk which is pretty good. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it works. It is a newly launched product by the company and gives a good amount of moisture to your skin. Definitely worth a try!


Price: Rs.199/- for 400ml

  1. Lip Balm/Chapsticks
    I am totally a lip balm junkie! The concept of lip balms came pretty late in India but believe me the entire female population swears by lip balms now here. With dozens of brands selling lip balms now, girls like us tend to get confused. But the most important thing is that we keep our lips hydrated and moisturized. Now I have two favourites here: The Maybelline Baby Lips Range and the Nivea Fruity Shine Range. I used the Nivea ones way before and they have been an absolute favourite mostly because of the fruity fragrance. But on the other hand, the Maybelline Baby Lips range is better in terms of stay power and formula. Thus these two are absolute must haves! I have each of these in every bag of mine because no matter what, a girl needs her lip balm at all times.



Price: Maybelline – Rs. 150 to 275/- per unit
Nivea – Rs. 120/- for 4.8g

  1. Sunscreen
    Now you guys may think otherwise, but the fact is that no matter which season, every girl needs to use a sunscreen every time she heads out during the day. Being a tropical country, the sun never stops shining even during winters and there are harmful rays always around. Make sure to use a sunscreen during a daytime and even try to make it a daily habit. I would highly recommend the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock which is an absolute stunner! This sunblock doesn’t only protect you skin with a SPF 50 but its non-greasy formula keeps your skin non-oily. Love love love it! Totally Recommended!


Price: Rs.499 for 88g

Hope you guys liked the post. Do comment and tell me your views! 🙂



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