Product Review: Maybelline New York Baby Lips Candy Wow (Orange)


Product: Maybelline New York Baby Lips Candy Wow Lip Balm Crayon
Launched: November 2015
Price: Rs.275/- for 2g
Shades Available: Cherry, Orange, Peach, Rasberry & Mixed Berry

Baby Lips Candy WOW with candy-inspired colors that will give you soft, supple, yummy lips. With every application, your lips are reborn and feel supple, plump, moisturized, giving you intense care with the fun and sweetness of a candy. Baby Lips Candy WOW comes in a new retractable crayon format with delicious flavors – Raspberry, Mixed Berry, Orange, Cherry and Peach.
The chubby stick is enriched with Vitamin E that helps keep your lips hydrated for long and keep them protected even in harsh winters. The crayon format makes it easy to apply and glides on smoothly. Everyone will go WOW with this pop of colour, glossy shine, yummy candy flavor and the tinge of style.

USP: Moisturizing, contains Vitamin E, Travel Friendly & Easy Application
Available at: Maybelline Counters, Lifestyle Stores, Shoppers Stop, Online Websites


Winters are finally here! I love the cool breezes and pleasant weather in this season and it coincidentally is my favourite season. Though winters are snowy and cold around the world, we Indians know how it is in our country. Though most of the India doesn’t experience snowfall, the weather does become very cold and dry. That’s the exact reason we girls need to take extra care of our skin during this time.
Maybelline India has just had a new launch towards the end of November. I love how this makeup brand is taking extra charge of new launches. I mean Maybelline has a new launch almost every month now. WOW! And mind you, they do not do launches recklessly. Instead launches are done with extensive research. That’s exactly why they have come up with this launch.



The Baby Lips Range has been huge popular in India. Since their initial launch, we have seen pretty different varieties and ranges being launched here in India and every time it has been a success. The reason why I love the Baby Lips range is because of the fact that these lip balms have the best formula among the lip balms available in India. They are highly moisturizing and they last for a long time compared to the other ones. I have loved their last launch which was the ‘Baby Lips Electro Pops’ Range. I still use it and it is lasting for this long!



Now coming to the product, this range is called ‘Baby Lips Candy Wow’ which comes in five different varieties which vary in colors and smell. They are basically candy fruit flavours and if you are a sucker for candies, this range is perfect for you. I just picked up the shade ‘Orange’ from the range. I would definitely tell you guys my reason below.

Packaging: The product in the cutest Crayon packaging in vibrant colors. I personally am a fan of crayon packaging because of the ease of use. These are sleek and very handy. They are travel friendly as well. Each shade has a different colored package and the font color is also different. The best part of the packaging is that the crayon is retractable means you can rotate to pull out as much as the lip balm required and then rotate it back inside. Love it for that. Though my only worry is the lip balm inside is a bit flimsy. It feels as if it will melt if not kept in the right temperature or may break if applied with too much pressure. Most the samples in the counters were melted, so I am but worried about keeping them in shape. Be careful!


Smell: The smell of this lip balm is candy fruity type which makes it kinda delicious but again if you aren’t a big fan of candies, it may be a bit of a problem. I just picked up the orange and it exactly smells like the tiny orange candies we used to pick up when we were kids. I personally like the smell as fruity smell are best for chapped lips.

Pigmentation: Now I will come to the actual reason why I picked up only one when most of the bloggers are picking up all the ones. To be honest, I am pretty picky about my makeup or skincare range. I let the counter lady swatch all the shades but most of shades looked so similar to the ones I already have; I didn’t think it was worth spend over a thousand bucks on all of them. Now this is the problem. The product may be madly attractive but again you have to remember it is an extended range and nothing new overall. I ain’t complaining that these are the same as the earlier ones, but the pigmentation is pretty similar. One of the shades also is mildly pigmented which I fail to understand. I wish it was more pigmented like the Electro Pops range but then again it isn’t so bad. The pigmentation comes to medium. I didn’t expect a lot from the pigmentation point of view but this shade surprised me. I was expecting a citric orange but this orange does have a pink undertone which makes it immediately more wearable. I personally love the way this shade looks on my lips. So I am pretty much happy.



Feel: The feel of this lip balm is good. These aren’t as intense as the initial Baby Lips but lighter and airier. It does require atleast two times of application to come out with the proper color and moisture. It also develops into fine lines if your lips are too dry. But overall the moisturizing is good. 



Conclusion: Overall a good product for the winter but the pigmentation could have been better. Because I personally love bright colors and more pigmentation, the product is okay to good for me. But on the other hand,I really appreciate the ease of use and handy packaging. I would definitely love to try the other shades once I am finished with a few of the earlier Baby Lips. For now this is definitely in my bag. If you are lip balm person, definitely try this range.

Rating: 7/10

Hope you guys liked the review. Do comment and let me know your views!



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