Lookbook: Winds of Change


Of lately things have been quite obscure and low for me. Days are passing by without much progress in my life and people I care about are suffering. It just seems like time isn’t my friend anymore. With each passing month, I am losing my patience and following lost footsteps. Things which used to motivate me aren’t working anymore. There are moments I wonder whether I am just going through a rough patch or permanently stepping into some prolonged bad times.



There hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t wondered what I do wrong. It just seems as if every single good thing that I look forward to just doesn’t want to stay. People around me are moving at a jet speed while I am lagging behind. Not the brightest of feelings I must say.



But sometimes, I also think about the other suffering in this world. Wars being fought, children dying of hunger, women suffering from diseases. And soon I find myself focusing more on such worldly issues. The point I am trying to make here is that every single human being on this planet is having his or her own struggle every day. Everyone just have their own fair share of troubles. Just don’t let them push you down and enter the passage of darkness.


In midst of all the chaos in your life, you will see a silver streak. Good little things happen everyday; it is just that we ignore them and focus on our issues more. Try to look at your problems in a different light. Matters good or bad don’t last a lifetime. You are just in a phase of life where you will fight a little and if you do it sincerely, you will eventually triumph.



Be that small little good change that you actually wish for. Being the change will help you more than waiting for the change. I have decided to get inspiration from mother nature’s winds of change and alter the negativity in me. No matter how far fetched and dramatic it sounds, all I wish to do is make an attempt before giving up.


Do not be afraid to embrace change. It is a part and parcel of life. Have hope and believe in yourself. Be the winds of change yourself and bring in peace within.


Photography: Daipayan Das

Location: Kolkata

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