Feel Good: My Top 5 Romantic Movie Picks for this Christmas!

Hello guys! How have you been? Its got really cold here in my city and I must say I am enjoying winter more than ever before. I personally love this season more than the others because it feels so warm even in the cold especially if you are at home like me (kinda unemployed at the moment!) So today my bae and I were just talking movies when this idea suddenly emerged in my head; why not tell you guys my top 5 picks for Romantic Movies for this Christmas season!


Though in the past 3 years, Christmas has been a bit of a haste, my memories of Christmas during my school days is still vivid and colorful. I remember how I used to create my secret wish list for Santa and try to decorate a christmas tree from scratch. At the end I would end up watching a rom-com or romance movie at midnight and wish for a loving guy. I am lucky to have my man in my life which is the most precious wish that came true; but I also want to share the movies that have made my christmas holidays so special all these years. I want you guys to keep dreaming and believe in the magic of winter. So let’s begin!

1. Confessions of a Shopaholic


This movie is special to me for a number of reasons; this was my best christmas movie. I remember how 5 years ago I spent my Christmas eve watching this movie with my best friends at home. Watching a movie in Pajama with lights off and trying to keep our laughter down, it was the best christmas of all time! The movie is also what inspired me to keep the name for my blog i.e. Shopaholicpals. I am a big time shopaholic and I totally relate to the characters and the movie. Plus, this is such a fun movie to watch! Poignant, funny and romantic; this movie will your christmas in a fun-fad and make you wanna dance up the girl fun! Love it!

2. Aisha


Aisha is probably not a Christmas movie but I do love to watch it in winter with my sister. I remember how crazy I was to watch this movie when it released (because we hardly have rom-coms in India!) Drooling over Sonam’s dresses to the Awws at the end, this movie is on every Indian girl’s friday night watch! I love watching this with my sister curled up in a warm blanket with steaming coffee in my favourite mug. Aisha tops my list for a light mood watch! 

3. 27 Dresses


I remember how light and cutesy I felt while watching this incredibly adorable movie. From feeling sorry for our lead girl, to drooling over our lead man, the movie is a feast for your eyes. I love how the story is a simple and poignant take on relationships which can get tangled and become something much more complex in the future. But the way things are handled towards the end is what makes 27 dresses such a sweet movie. Grab a glass of wine and watch this; even if you are single, you would definitely enjoy this one!

4. Pride & Prejudice


This version of Jane Austen’s Pride & prejudice is perhaps my most favorite of all time. I love how this movie made the story a much more intended intense romantic and the utterly gorgeous cinematography made me swoon all the way. Watch it with your boyfriend or hubby cuddling and you definitely not have a Christmas better than this!

5. Message in a Bottle


If you are looking for a passionate intensely romantic Christmas, my pick would be this classic Nicolas Sparks novella which was made into this epic beautiful movie. Mind you, the movie is not just an usual romance, but a mix of passion, bitter-sweet story; which is why I would advise a box of tissue to be kept handy. But more important is to have your man beside you hugging you, curled in his arms. That would just make this Christmas an unforgetable one!

Hope this simple and sweet post helped you guys pick your favourite one from the list! I would love to know your list as well! Do comment below! Hope you guys are enjoying this wonderful winter and having a gala time with your loved ones!



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