Review: Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel!


Hello guys! Its been pretty long since I have reviewed any makeup or skincare product specially on the blog and so today I am here with brand new review. I will be reviewing one of the newest products on my makeup shelf: Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel!


Shade: China Flower
Price: Rs.350/-
Quantity: 11.7ml
Available: All Revlon Counters, Nykaa, Shoppers Stop, Purplle, Amazon,                     Flipkart


Packaging: The best part of this product is its packaging. I still remember when I saw this product the first time, I found it really attractive. The bottle looks very luxurious and sturdy. Though it is a standard glass packaging, the square shape gives it a different feel and makes it very easy for storage as well. I also find the matte sphere shaped cap very apt because that it exactly what makes it so pretty. Though the cap is a little uncomfortable to work with, the wand is surprisingly pretty sleek for the bottle and is easy for application. Wish more brands had this kind of packaging for their nail enamels!


Fragrance: Now the main part of this product is the ‘Parfumerie’ which means ‘a place where perfumes are sold’ in french. So basically anyone who is interested in this product will buy it for being a perfumed nail enamel. So with expectations running high from a brand like ‘Revlon’, I was pretty thrown off track when I did not find this characteristic of the product there at all. Now when I tried to smell it after opening the bottle, I could smell a standard nail polish fragrance which was a tad bit intense. I felt I needed to put it on my nails in order to ‘activate’ the fragrance. So when I did put two layers of it and let it dry, I found pretty much the same fragrance. It isn’t that the smell is bad but it isn’t the type you would expect out of a product of this range. I just felt the name wasn’t justified with the product.


Quality: If you are expecting a gel nail polish type from this product, you will be a tad disappointed. The quality of the nail enamel in general is nice and smooth with a good shine; but nothing too extraordinary. That is where the problem lies with this product. I did like this particular shade a lot and the shade is very similar to ‘Making my Morocco’ by Cuccio Colour Nail Paint. It is a bright tangy orange and red mixed color and makes my nails pop up which is great. The color is awesome for fall and looks pretty. The nail enamel also dries up pretty fast which is one of its advantages. Another good thing is that the color appears very opaque on one time application itself which is something very rare is budget nail paints.

Overall, this is a decent product but can work way better. I found it a bit overrated and pricey for the way it works. I loved the packaging and it is a delight on your makeup shelf but I can assure you that you can get a similar quality nail enamel at half the price. So you guys can give this a miss!

Rating: 6/10


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