OOTD: Rocking the Boyfriend Look!


At some point or the other, every girl has tried on guy clothes. Now I don’t know whether its just me or something but I find those clothes super comfy and useful. So for this time, I opted something which was less feminine.



Boyfriend shirts are major nowadays with various high street brands opting for various colors and styles. Gone are the days when boyfriend shirts mean only over sized white shirts. 2017 is the year of stripes and subtle cotton colors like periwinkle blue and light grey. The options are endless for choosing silhouettes for such shirts. Such an immense range of choice makes this style statement to stay.


Now boyfriend jeans aren’t new. The concept of jeans was first made only for men and hence when it was created for women, the silhouette was not appropriate for the female figure. The jeans were straight cut with long lengths and very tough in material. This made such jeans look ill fitted on women and they had to be folded in various parts to fit the womanly figure.



Though it was an issue at that time, boyfriend jeans have become hugely popular and a style statement across countries now. These jeans are over sized at but at the right places making them look immensely cool and casual. You can fold the length to create a Capri type look and be comfortable.



Shirt: ZARA
Jeans: Max Fashion
Shoes: Westside Stores
Neckpiece: Koovs
Watch: Dressberry (Myntra)
Shades: MG Road (Bangalore)



This is my first look at Bangalore where I shifted just a week ago. I wanted to create a look which was drastic and casual at the same time. This is a look which is highly comfortable and very easy to create.



The bold colorful neck piece adds some drama to the other sober look. Also by tying up a knot on the shirt, the look turned very playful and cute.



For the footwear I added these glamorous pair from Westside which are adoringly pretty and comfortable. These shoes are very versatile and can be paired with any outfit to perk it up.



Lenon shades are quirkly and my all time favourite. They add a really cool tone to the outfit and make it standout.


At the end the point I want to make is that you can always add small elements to your outfit to make it special. You do not spend a fortune on an outfit to stand out. Add accessories which you can identify with and own a look. That is the best way to look great always!



Photography: Sanjana Pal

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A girl who can rock a boyfriend look is rocking!

Look beautiful. Stay beautiful!

Love & Peace,



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