Lookbook: Off-Shoulder Drama!


I remember how fashion played a major role in my childhood. I was never a fashionista, never followed trends nor did I ever think about being fashionable. I was always the no-nonsense shy girl who did what she was expected to do. To go along with the expectations of the elders around. I never had a huge social group of friends nor had the liberty to hang out with people at trendy places. But I have definitely left that girl way behind. “Change is good”, says everyone including the ones who cannot embrace it. But well I did change, a lot.


Nevertheless, fashion did play a big part even then. I remember of being a fashion designer one day, I dream I did not fulfill and it definitely broke my heart. But I promised myself to then take up fashion as a part of life someday. I here I am, writing about fashion; the combination of my most passionate interests.


Top: Koovs
Trouser: ZARA
Clutch: Ajio
Shades: Coolwinks
Silver Choker: Pipabella
Heels: Inc.5




Fashion to me is to embrace my own self and yet also bring out a part of me that is hidden inside. Fashion makes me feel liberated and celebrated and this is what I love so much about this look in particular.


I created a lot of drama with this look without having any bold makeup or something like that. That is because I genuinely wanted to explore a part of my style that still wasn’t on the surface yet.


The style point of this look was to look like a summer drama queen. The off shoulder bright pink top added so much drama that I was pretty much surprised on how bada** I can look wearing pink. Though the top was meant more for a blushed up look, I really wanted to experiment with it.


Adding the silver choker just accentuated the whole mean girl feel of the look. As we know, chokers add a bad girl element just on anyone who can rock it and I loved exactly that in the look. I did remove it later when I felt I needed a break eventually (lol! chokers can be a little aaggghhh in summer!)


I love formal trousers and this straight cut trousers from ZARA are my absolute favourite. It looks bold and gives a sense of confidence to the look. Do not shy away from sporting formals at regular outings. They give your look a good depth and add confidence in your posture.




I decided to go a little indie with the clutch which was a Blue Fabric Stitched Clutch. It added a bold contrast to the look and also the ladylike stance.



I decided to go for these Black Glossy Heels by Inc.5 which is utterly comfortable and stylish. Always remember one rule while wearing heels; if they make you uncomfortable, do not wear them for a comfortable outing. Go for heels which give comfort to your feet and also add the style element at the same time.



So overall, this look is the epitome of summer fashion. This summer go for light airy fabrics and bright colors which grab attention. Do not shy away from wearing different textures and cuts. Summer is all about loving color and loving the sunshine (though the sunshine in India is a killer!)



Also, do not forget to grab your pair of favourite shades! They are summer essentials and one can go for so many different styles nowadays. I personally love reflectors especially the rose gold ones and this pair from Coolwinks are perfect!



Do not be afraid of experimenting and taking risks. I always say life is all about risks and if you do not take one, you will be losing opportunities. So love the colors around and dance in the sunshine! Play with fashion and have a glamorous summer!



Photography: Sanjana Pal

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Till the Next Time.



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