Lookbook: Lavender Summer!


So Summer is finally here and so are summer fashion trends! I am a Summer baby and so this season brings a new found love of casual dressing. Though Indian summers aren’t the best in terms of fancy fabrics with all the heat enveloping us all day long; it is a great time to experiment with fabrics and colors which are light and cooling.



My take on summer fashion is: Keep it light and fun! Summers are all about dressing down even at the most fashionable events. Go for variety of colors like neons, pastels or basic blocks but keep it vibrant and playful. Mixing up fabrics is another great way to work out your summer fashion play.


So today I will be showing you guys my take on summer fashion. For this look, I went with different fabric combinations which are light yet not necessarily cotton and also a pastel color palette.



Top: Koovs
Denim Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Earrings: Pipa Bella
Heels: Westside Stores
Bag: Lavie
Shades: Coolwinks



I personally loved this lavender cold shoulder top from Koovs which is so much fun to wear! I love that I can actually twirl in a top! The color is a gorgeous lavender which gives it so much more vibrancy and beauty. Also the fabric is a synthetic mix which still isn’t very harsh on the feel on the skin. The style is cool and casual and a perfect mix of casualness with femininity.



I personally love denim jeans and just like any other girl, it is a huge part of my wardrobe. Denims are eternally no matter what the season. They are casual and fun and yet never compromise with the feeling of being comfortable. I chose this light shaded pair of jeans from British Brand, Dorothy Perkins because they are my favourite pair till date. It is immensely light weight and flexible and gives the ultimate feeling of being your second skin. Also, the shade of the jeans complements very well with the top. Do make sure to own at least one pair of jeans with which you do not compromise any of your comfort and style.



Accessories are an essential part of any look and so I picked up this gorgeous dangler earrings from Pipabella which have been my absolute must have since the day I saw them. They are gorgeous and give a royal feminine feel to the look which is pure love.



I chose two different shades from online retail store called Coolwinks which has an awesome variety of eyewear for both men and women. Their collection is stylish at the same time they are all with 100% UV protection so they make sure you protect your eyes in this heat. The plus point above all this is that the shades are super affordable! I absolutely love the wide variety and will make sure to choose a few more in future!



I also added a beautiful lavender sling bag from Lavie which is my all time favorite brand for stylish bags. This bag is easy to carry and is super cute! I can fit in almost all my essentials in this cute one without any problem and carry it in style. I absolutely rave about bags which are utility friendly and fashionable at the same time. Love it!



Heels are staple for me these days and during summers, I try and keep my feel in utmost comfort. So I opted for these low height heels from Westside Stores which looks stylish and elegant. The studs on the heels are #bae and I just love how these heels elevate the overall look with ease.


Summers are super beautiful in India and so no matter what, we girls always manage to look pretty in this heat! So this summer make sure you girls go out looking your best and have plenty of fun in this sunshine time!



Photography: Sanjana Pal

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Till the Next Time.



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