Lookbook: My Blue Dress Affair!


Since childhood, I was never really a Pink girl. Though I loved pink, it wasn’t the color that made me feel like myself. The only color I could associate with myself is Blue.

Blue is the most natural color around. The blue sky, the blue sea and beautiful blue eyes. Anywhere I see this color, I feel a sense of tranquility and peace. So it came no surprise when I decided to go another Blue Clothing theme Shoot. This time I wanted a Blue dress that would make me feel like myself.





Though it is said that growth and change are significant in life, I feel that these have just challenged me more than ever. There are times when we lose ourselves so much that it is impossible to figure it all out once again. Looking back is never an option but it is good to sometimes sit back and retrospect.



For me, Blue signifies courage, hope and peace. The color played a very significant role in my life and hence my love for this color remains irrevocable.
This look is a very simple yet stylish with a hint of a classy charm. The reason I love this look is with Summers in India, it can be extremely difficult to deal with fabrics which are hot and heavy; but this cold shoulder dress just stands out to make you feel comfortable and confident.



Dress: Koovs
Shoes: Westside Stores
Bag: New Market (Kolkata)
Watch: Fastrack



Now if you are curvy like me, I know you may not be comfortable with Bodycon dresses. But rather than being scared try to embrace your curves by wearing one. It will make you feel confident immediately.


Make summers colorful by wearing clothes which are comfortable and yet signify something which you identify with. Be it the color or cut, wearing dresses which embrace your inner self play huge part in bringing out your positive vibes from within.



No matter how much you work upon improving yourself, it is always okay to go ahead and celebrate your imperfections. They live in you and you have to care about them in order to work upon them.



Makeup & Hair: Sanjana Pal

Photography: Sanjana Pal

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Till the Next Time.



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