Lookbook: Blooming Sunshine!


Hello guys, I am back with another look and this one is specially dedicated to the Spring this year. The theme for this look is ‘Blooming Sunshine’.

One of the most beautiful things I have witnessed in my city is the lovely transitions of seasons. In the heart of all the buzz and crowd, there lies a soft romantic side of this place which is irrevocable and beautiful.


With Spring here, it is time for blossoms all over and it gives me so much happiness to see pretty flowers blooming everywhere. Flowers do not only mark beauty but also hope and positivity.

Bougainvillea Flowers are most common in Ahmedabad and the prettiness of these flowers  make me fall in love with the place all over again.



Dress: StalkBuyLove
Hat: Forever 21
Ballerinas: Westside Stores



Spending almost all my life till now, the sunshine in this city always brings a sense of warmth and positiveness within me. I remember hating the day time so much when I was a child because of the heat but now things have changed radically.



This city has helped me grow into someone totally different than what I had anticipated about me in the first place. I once thought myself to be a mature woman in my twenties whole has achieved the safe things in life till then.



But with mistakes and failures, this place has finally taught me to become the Rebel which was hiding in some deep dark corner inside me. I view life as more of a challenge now; where nothing is impossible.



It is easy to fail as well as succeed. Because success and failures are relative terms. The city has helped me stay strong when I crumbled under pressure. It showed me to live in peace with myself when the world was against me.



I have my share of failures which broke me to the core. Times when I cried and cried till I fell asleep without any aspirations or dreams. The state I put myself and my loved ones was devastating. I hated sympathy and wanted to live like before. But I learnt that you can never look back; good or bad.


All you do is look forward and dream. Dream and work to achieve. Things are easier said than done but unless we dream, we would not be inspired.


Ahmedabad helped me to remain inspired in spite of all. To seek inspiration from one’s good past and forget the bad parts.



The city’s sunshine is maddening at times just like life is. But even the harshest weather does not stop the people nor the spirit of Ahmedabad.



Spring is this city’s beauty and hope. The pretty flowers stand for the timeless-ness of natural beauty and the classic trend.






Living with imperfections is the way of life in this city and I love the fact that every day is a new struggle and yet new hope.



To the positivity and hope of the spring. To the city of new dreams and beautiful memories.


Makeup & Hair: Sanjana Pal
Photography: Sanjana Pal

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Till the Next Time.



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