Red Carpet: Oscar 2017 Looks!


With the Biggest Night in Hollywood, it’s time to turn on the Fashion Police and look at the dazzling looks on the Red Carpet of the Academy Awards this year. I personally wait for all the celebrities to arrive before making a judgement about the overall trend on the red carpet and this year was no different. The year saw the return of the shimmer with gold and sequins marking a stunning return. I love gold and shimmer and hence it was an exciting trend to observe. I love the way how celebrities have been very choosy about the style of the gowns and dresses this year. From flowy to short, there is everything for everyone. I only concluded that this wasn’t the best of the best in terms of the red carpet fashion. I have seen better and more exciting red carpets before and this one lacked a certain amount of charm. That old vintage Hollywood charm is what I look forward on these occasions and I realized this time it was lacking. But in totality, the ladies looked lovely and radiant and I congratulate Emma Stone on winning the Best Actress for La La Land. She totally owned the red carpet with her glamourous yet slick gold look.

Here are all the looks from the Red Carpet:

My Favorite Top 3 Picks are:

  1. Emma Stone

  2. Priyanka Chopra

  3. Kristen Dunst

So who is your pick?

Till the next time..



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