Event: Nykaa Beauty Bar in Ahmedabad!


Hello guys! Today I will be sharing a very special experience that I had yesterday at the Nykaa Beauty Bar held at Novotel Hotel in Ahmedabad. This was Nykaa’s first event in Ahmedabad and I couldn’t be more pumped up! Being a Blogger, I always feel Ahmedabad is relatively untouched from such events which gives us exposure and also help in boosting the blogging scene here. Nykaa has been such a great part of my life that I felt as if it was natural for me to witness the gorgeous affair.


This event took place in Novotel Hotel in Ahmedabad and started in the noon after Youtube Icon and Blogger, Shreya Jain‘s Masterclass. I was late to register for the same and hence I had to skip it sadly. I arrived a little late (oops!) and was surprised to see a hoard of young girls. There were bloggers as well as customers invited for the event.


It was a glitzy and glam affair and the Booths were super cute. I ended up taking quite good number of pictures with the captions and I love the one I have above. I personally love contouring and this was just too tad perfect!


Then we also had a nice session with the founder of Nykaa, Ms. Falguni Nayar. Launched in 2012 and founded by the inexplicably talented ex-Director of Kotak Mahindra Capital, Ms. Falguni Nayar, this website went on become hugely successful in the e-commerce market with aggressive competitors like Flipkart and Amazon. The lady who is known to be one of the most successful woman entrepreneurs in India today, gave a lightning speech which was inspiring and strong. I personally loved the fact that she encouraged everyone to follow their dreams and stick to their vision even when the world around doesn’t believe in it.


I was fortunate enough to be one of the three people who shared their experience with the crowd and I didn’t hide the fact that I felt closely associated with Nykaa. I was proud of sharing my views and it kind of made me feel confident in the crowd. After the session they went on to showing us their ad campaign about #BreakTheHastag which focuses on women empowerment and they being more than just a hastag of being a mother, wife or sister. This campaign focuses on the fact that women consider being beautiful not to please other but to empower and feel beautiful themselves.


Ms. Nayar also announced the launch of the New Nykaa Lip Colors which are going to be launched very soon on the website. They also announced the launch of Nykaa Luxe Stores in two cities of India and many  big brands from South Korea and Israel which are going to be launched soon on Nykaa. With all that exciting news the crowd burst out into applauds.


The event also had makeover booths by Makeup Revolution, Corioliss and Nykaa which were supported by experts from Pryanka Chourasia‘s Hair & makeup consultancy and Nishi Nail Spa. The booths were completely crowded and it was very difficult to get seats for makeovers.


Finally I did get makeup done on the Makeup Revolution Counter and was pretty happy with the Gold Shimmer Eyes and extended winged eye look the expert gave. I really felt like a movie star get my makeup done and it was a surreal feeling in its own.




I met up with many pretty ladies from the city who was enthusiastic about beauty and fashion and it was so pleasant meeting them. Nykaa had also arranged for Hi-Tea which had the yummiest snacks ever and gave a good opportunity to interact with others. From Spring Rolls to cupcakes, they had it all and the food really added some spice in the event! (#LOVEFORGOODFOOD)


Lastly, I did end up meeting Shreya and expressed my joy on meeting her. She was just in the middle of having food and hence after she finished we chatted a little and I hugged her saying how awesome she was in doing what she has been doing. She is the sweetest girl without a trace of any negative attitude and it really felt like meeting an old friend. I am a huge fan of her and this was a dream come true for me. I will always cherish that moment and hope to meet her soon in the future.


Nykaa also pampered us with goodies and it consisted of products from their own line. I am forever a fan of their products and this was a icing on the cake! Thank you so much #Nykaa!!


I am really glad to get this great opportunity from Nykaa to be a part of a fun evening and get to know lots of pretty ladies. It was fun, frolic and lots of makeup! I wish that such events happen more frequently in the city and Nykaa keeps on coming out with more success!




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