LifeRules: The world in the brink of being a teen again!


Remember when we were teens and all we wanted to do was rebel and do what we wanted to? To make mistakes and then cry over them and redo it from scratch? Well the world right now is living those days. Gone are the days when we trusted people and their decisions because now no one goes by logic or practicality as matured adults should be. Too many examples from Brexit to US Elections have downright proven the power of rebelling adults who wish to play with the destiny of future generations. Taking decisions have become a preposterous drama game.

No one wants to behave civil but like a bully doing whatever he wants to. I remember being a kid and thinking how well mannered and right were adults in living their lives and wishing to turning to one someday. But the recent events have totally altered my point of view. Children appear more matured, honest and logical in taking decisions than us adults do. With people becoming intolerant not just in our nation but globally I cannot think of a way out other than learning from mistakes. The world including America called Britain ‘insane’ for voting for Brexit but themselves became the laugh of the town with their election results. It is not that things are better else where. This is the pattern that is on repeat since a few years now. People in general want to play with future by deciding on things they do not even understand and are unaware of their consequences. The delusion of having uncertainty is ‘cool’ rather than worrisome.

With trust on media crashing and rising feeling of anger and agitation, the world is going at the scenario of the medieval ages. The uncertainties and atrocities of the industrialization age and world war times are going to be repeated if this goes on for too long. There is need to not be aggressive in approach to decisions and be a man of spotlight but to encourage and own some empathy towards others and become patient.So the next time you catch your child smoking and hurls out on him/her, remember you yourself are doing the same.

Love & Luck,




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