Lookbook: A Classic Lady for Diwali!


HAPPY DIWALI to all my wonderful friends out here who are the awesome-st people ever for viewing this post! (hehe!) It’s great to have celebrated Diwali and New Year with so much love and composure. Life has changed so much in the past few years but I am trying to gain my momentum as much as possible. Leaving all that behind, today I wanted to share with you guys my look for this year’s Diwali. This year, I celebrated Diwali in the most loving way possible; with my family. Diwali was a low key affair this time owing to the fact that I was completely against bursting crackers and had a nice Diwali evening at home. So for the evening, I opted for the most Indian elegant look I have ever tried. I wore a silk saree which was gifted to me by my aunt a few years back and an elegant Bengali look which I found utterly easy to create and fun to carry.

I personally love sarees but have never been able to pull them off with panache due to the fact that I don’t know how to wear them properly and neither do I get occasions to wear them. Yet I don’t know for what reason I ended up wearing a beautiful one that evening and it just made my whole mood so much better. Another reason a saree was apt was because I was trying for a more matured look which was closer to my classic Bengali features. Though I don’t think I look so traditionally Bong, yet never too late to bring that out! right?

Here are all the pictures from that evening for you all to enjoy:





Gold Neckpiece with Black Stones – Pipa Bella PBijoux

Ring – Bandra-Linkin Road, Mumbai








Hope you guys liked the pictures and had a fabulous diwali this year!

Till the next time!

P.S – Won the Amazon Contest for one of the Best Looks for Diwali Fashion! (Yay!)



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