New Video: Get Ready With Me + Makeup Tutorial for Navratri!

Hello Guys! October in Gujarat means that time of the year when every Gujju around the world only understands one language; the language of Garba. With Navratri, Ahmedabad becomes a city of colorful Vibrancy and joy. I have always been proud of being a Bengali but also being an Amdavadi at heart, my love for Navratri knows no boundaries.

That’s why me and my sister decided to definitely do a makeup tutorial for you guys. Hence I am back with a much awaited video i.e the Get Ready With Me for Navratri and my Makeup Tutorial for Navratri as well! I have tried to keep it as simple and glamorous as possible and hope you guys really get some help from this video.

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Please Like & Subscribe!

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Have a great week ahead! Many exciting videos coming next week for the festive season!






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