FashNews: New Koovs Collaboration Coming Soon!


Brand New Good News! Indian High Street Fashion Website, Koovs is coming out with a brand new collaboration this October and it is none other than the renowned London based Illustrator, Hattie Stewart! Yeah you heard that right! She has previously worked with brands like Adidas, Marc by Marc Jacobs and House of Holland and has also doodle-bombed the covers of renowned magazines all over the world!


In an exclusive interview with Vogue India, she spills out all the details!\

What was the inspiration behind your collection with Koovs?
The key thing was to explore really simple, playful ideas that bring a little life and fun to an outfit. I love brands that don’t take themselves too seriously so I wanted to add a little bit of my ‘hello cheeky’ aesthetic to this collection. I’ve always wanted to turn my characters into plush toy key rings.

Colour was also a key component to this collection as it is incredibly important to my work. Without it I don’t think my characters would come across as well as they do. When you’re working with big bold characters, colour always helps enhance them.

What were your thoughts when you were invited to bring your art to clothes and accessories?
I was really excited. I’ve worked with brands in the past but never quite on a scale where I had the opportunity to not only illustrate what I wanted but conceptualise and develop from the early stages of the collection. Working with the team has been amazing and a real pleasure. We were on the same page aesthetically from the start.


What do you make of the dynamic world we live in that combines art and fashion?
On a personal level I love seeing where I can take my work and adore working within many fields – animation, fashion, photography. I love having the creative freedom to work within all fields of design and collaborate with any number of talented people from make-up artists and stylists to photographers and fashion designers. In today’s digital age the constricting walls fencing you into one field have been broken down and the lines blurred.  For someone like me who loves to jump all over the place, it couldn’t be more fun.

What are your favourite items from the collection that every girl should own?
I’m obsessed with the plush toy flower key ring! I’m also loving the dungarees (a staple in my own wardrobe) and the jeans covered in embroidery. I can’t wait to see how everyone responds to the collection but most importantly I can’t wait to see how people incorporate it into their own visual identities.


Tell us about your design process and how Koovs fits in with your vision?
I like to have the freedom to play with my work and let things grow organically – this collection with Koovs allowed me to do just that, which was a real blessing rarely afforded with the more commercial side of my illustration. Koovs as a brand worked perfectly with with me – their laid back, cool aesthetic let me add in my own seamlessly.

How would you describe your personal style?
Comfy cool, that’s how I’d describe my style. Comfort is very important to me. I live in Dungarees and over-sized t-shirts – all of which you’ll see in the collection. I do like to play around with my style but as I spend a lot of hours working from home or at the studio comfort is a very important thing to me.


Describe the collection in three words that sum up what you stand for and what Koovs stands for.
Cheeky. Fun. Exuberant.

The Koovs x Hattie Stewart collection launches on Tuesday, 4th October, 2016

Credit: Vogue India

I personally can’t wait to check out the collection!




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