New Video: My Top 6 Essential Shoe Picks You Must Have!

Shoes have always baffled me. Since I was a young child, all I wanted was a pair of Glass Heels like the ones I read in Cindrella. As I grew up, the fascination just escalated. Shoes are a girl’s best friend even before a Diamond is because she doesn’t have to  wait much for owning a pair of gorgeous shoes for herself. Wear a plain tee and jeans but an addition of a beautiful pair of shoes will surely make you feel like a supermodel.

I am lucky to collected over 50 pairs of shoes which I love and adore. Every time I see a gorgeous pair, I just can’t help myself and dream about it. So today I am going to list out my Top 6 Shoes That You Must Definitely Have!

Every shoe is unique and different, but a type of shoes speaks so much about a girl. This is a list of my Top 6 picks of types of shoes which I feel is totally essential in my opinion. So girls sit back and relax while I list it out. Make sure you match the ones you have with the ones I show and have all the essential pairs for yourself!

Hope you like this video!

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Hope this video helps you out in finding your color!




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