LookBook: The Blair Wardolf Project


Gossip Girl may be a high-drama high school series where millionaire teenagers gush over each other, but what always kept me glued to it was the Fashion Quotient. After Sex and the City it was very difficult to find a series which was so high in their FQ and Gossip Girl just made the tables turn. Though every character was styled in their unique individual persona, Serena and Blair always stood out. I loved both the characters for their ups and downs but mostly for the amazing looks they had. I always imagined having their wardrobe and it still tops my wishlist.

For this look, I drew my inspiration from Blair Wardolf who according to me was the epitome of being a Modern Princess. Her style was always classic yet cute which made it so different from Serena’s style. . She loved glitter, colors and hair accessories which was a such a change from the usual hair we have. Being cute didn’t make her less bad a** and sexy than the other characters. I tried to incorporate the exact feel for this look but keep it a little toned down and emphasizing more on the princess feel.



Dress – Vero Moda
Shoes – Done By None

For my look, I opted for a White and Blue Floral Print A-Line Dress by Vero Moda and Pastel Blue Wedge Heels from Done by None. I kept it bare minimal for accessories by just adding a White Glitter Hairband with Bow which made the whole look so-Blair-Like. I wanted the dress to standout in this look as it was so bright and colorful.

For the makeup, I kept it very fresh and clean with some Kajal, Foundation, Compact Powder, Mascara and a Lipstick. I felt that this look needed a very toned down makeup and not something flashy. I made my lips coral which is my favourite color to go with florals. I feel the coral adds color but still does not look very fake or tacky. I felt that the makeup was just right for this look.

For my Hair, I just brushed it and used a Signature Blair Hairband to secure the locks. Later, I must admit I had to pull it off due the heat making my hair very sticky. I did not do much for the hair as I felt this look needed a natural hair to make it feel more fresh.








Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this look because it is just so close to how I feel at times! Hope you guys liked this look book.

Have a beautiful Day!





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