LookBook: The Black Swan Glamour


I personally have always been a lover of Old Charm Glamour and Simplicity in Splendor. So for this look, I concentrated heavily on the fact: Less is more. Black is a classic color by all means and though many associate it with negativity, I see it as a color of confidence and mystery. Nothing beats a contrast of Black with the colors around us and I tried to incorporate the same thing in this look.

For this look, I wore a Black Flow Maxi Dress from Koovs and a pair of Red and Black Heels from Mast & Harbour. As this was a maxi dress, I didn’t want to over complicate the dress with excessive accessories. So I teamed it up with a pair of gorgeous Blue Stone Dangling Earrings from Pipa Bella and a Bracelet with Black and colorful beads that I got from Flea Store many years ago.


I think I love the overall look that the combination gave and also it felt really comfortable in the maddening heat of Ahmedabad where I reside. I feel it is always important to be in that comfort zone even when you are experimenting with clothes, shoes or accessories. Comfort Zone is when I feel at ease and not a choke-me-to-death suffocation in what I am wearing at the moment.


Dress: Koovs
Shoes: Mast & Harbour
Earrings: Pipa Bella

For the makeup, I chose a very basic range of shades like browns and coppers which always compliment my skintone well. I feel these shades are a natural match to Indian skintones and can come off really beautiful. Rather than making it a festive glamour, I tried toning down these shades to make it look subtly dramatic but not over. I kept my lips in a comfortable shade range of plum, pink and coral which for me are very natural shades to wear. I am a lipstick person and I feel I need to always highlight my lips to give it an oomph factor. I am also a new fan of Mascara and hence went for my usual Lash curling and huge coat of Mascara which I feel can make any girl look glamorous. And last but not the least, I never forget my Kajal and hence coated my Eyes with a good coat before completing my entire look.


For my Hair, I just kept it plain and simple. Swept it with a Hair brush and let the wind make my hair up for the shoot. (hehe!) The heat did sweat me up a bit and made my hair messy but I guess I managed it well and kept on with it.


I called this look ‘Black Swan Glamour’ because of how I felt for this look. Black Swan is associated with Beauty with Mystery and that is how exactly this look was for me. The Glamour factor made this look interesting and lovely. I loved shooting in the green because that contrasted so well with the dress which was full of new age cuts and silhouettes. Overall this remains one of my all time favorite looks!

So guys I hoped you liked this Look Book. Do write me your thoughts about the same and I would love to do more of such look books soon.

Have a Fabulous Week!



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