Life Rules: No Retreat, Repeat & Treat!


I remember the time when I was a nerd. All geeky and introvert. Shy from people around and the fear of speaking would grab me like an icy wind breeze. I wasn’t exactly bullied, but ignored and avoided. My presence in school was always like that discarded piece of old project work; dusty, dull and uninteresting. Though many of you might think it shouldn’t have mattered to me much, the truth is pretty different. The real reason I am discussing those days that made me feel like a rusty pin is that those are the kind of days which end up resulting in creating negative energies in us. To top that, there is nothing more humiliating and sad than the absence of your presence. One cannot think of the level of confidence that gets busted due to such situations in life. I know every one of us is suffering with something or the other. But how many fight back the inner demons to rise back again? Not even me. I am still suffering everyday no matter how much I try to say otherwise. But there is one thing positive that has come out of all this. My ability to know that I AM FINE. Yes, those three little magical words, which may seem like a shadow of the weakness in us but to the contrary are the very powerful words that make a victim rise up in the direst of situations.

I am a little kitten in this mad bad world where living is more than dying. Don’t know why my words sound so dramatic but what I really mean is that just like me, people who have suffered or are suffering, know how bad the world around seems to be. Waking up becomes hard work and talking, altogether even more difficult. But what makes us do things we never thought we could? Well not when we think ‘everything is going to be alright’; but when we think, we just need to do it because we breathe. The more you think about it, the more the whole scene becomes real. Moving on is like taking that sip of water after having a heavy meal. You don’t know why you are doing it but you are because you are habituated. Habits make people do things they do, not just situations. That is why it is so important that we start doing things that can prove things will be better for us. Make it a habit to do things for yourself and for the people you love. Not just materialistically, but start making it a habit to serve your soul. To make yourself happy and the ones who love you see you happy is what counts at the end of the day. I know this may seem far fetched and impossible but do it. Just how you plugged your headphones on right now or how you start browsing your Insta feed.

Making happy habits is essential to falling in love with yourself. People change, situations change and your life will change too. One day you may wake up feeling utterly disgusted with your life or totally content with it. The pattern will follow each and every day. But what we need to realize is the importance of making happy habits. Treat yourself to that special haircut you wanted since ages, or become model for a day. Guilt yourself with that scoop of calorie filled ice-cream or watch that old vintage TV show. Take your dog for a stroll yourself after ages or make that handmade card you wished to make for your parents. Speak out I love you before its too late or drink that last pint of Roohafzaa from your refrigerator. Happiness lies in doing little happy things. Make happy habits that make you smile and feel like breathing that early morning air.  Unless you do something of a crime, no one can judge your happy habits. Because that’s what makes you happy and you own it more than anyone else.

I have made happy habits for myself. Irrespective of what anyone thinks, if it makes me happy, I do it. I go ahead and make choices for myself which may seem stupid for some and courageous for others. But what I do is for my own self and no matter what I will do it!

Love & Peace,



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