Product Review: Soulflower Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar Review


Hello beauties! I am back with another product review and this time it is the Soulflower Shampoo Bar that I had posted sometime ago on my Instagram. I had been thinking of doing it since long but I always try to use the product a lot of times before I review it so that the review is fair and honest and I can give a proper perspective.

I purchased this soap from Home Stop Lifestyle Store at Alpha Mall in Ahmedabad where they were having their EOSS. I haven’t used an organic soap before (seriously!) and thought this would be a great time to experiment with one. They had a Flat price sale on the entire range of products from Soulflower and I was so tempted. But I ended up picking only this one because I wanted to experiment before I purchased more.

To be honest, I made a mistake while purchasing it. I had no intention of buying a shampoo bar but to purchase a body wash bar. The issue was that I concentrated so much on smelling the soap bars that I forgot to red what was written on it! (idiot me!) Anyways, I realized it after coming back home but did not think the issue was that great to take the pains to go and exchange it or something. I also thought this was a plus point that I got a shampoo bar because: firstly, I have never used one before and secondly, it will be of dual use and can make me get a better view about the quality of the product.


Brand: Soulflower
Product: Shampoo Bar

Price: Rs.250/-
Quantity: 150 g
Ingredients: Sandalwood, Jojoba, Almond, Shikakai
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Purplle, Snapdeal


Packaging: The product is nicely packaged in a tough see-through plastic sheet which enables you to see the actual product inside which is a plus point. The soap is pinkish-red in color and feels softer to touch even with the packaging on maybe because of it being handmade. The product looks cute and pretty much hand-made-y type if you guys know what I mean. I always think the organic products have so much better packaging even if it is cheaper to look at because of the fact that we approach them with a completely different view point. Overall I found the packaging homely and attractive.


Product: The Soap Bar comes in Pinkish-Red Color and feels pretty soft. This is a handmade organic soap and hence it is softer in texture than the regular factory made soaps and smells amazing. The smell is predominantly of sandalwood and shikakai and hence that shampoo kind of smell is evident. The thing that I was worried about at first is that it may melt fast but thankfully it still hasn’t after so many uses. The soap is bigger in size than a regular soap and hence it would be advisable if you cut it into two piece with a knife and use it after one is over. I didn’t do that but the size is pretty big and that is a very good way to use it economically.


Effectiveness: Now coming to the most important part, I would firstly emphasize on the fact that my expectation from the product was pretty high. I have heard so much about this brand and Soulflower has really managed to acquire a good position in the organic skincare market. Now I started using the product right after I bought it. I first thought of using it as the name suggest, on my hair. So my hair was really greasy and I applied it as per the directions on the pack. I thought the soap surprising creates a lot of foam as a shampoo does and this surprised me pleasantly. Now after washing my hair felt a little sticky but I let it dry before making any judgement. On drying my hair completely, I found that my hair felt very sticky though the good point was that my hair had a better volume than before. Yet the sticky feeling was not at all the way I wanted. Sadly, this continue to happen even when I used it the next time. So at the end I decided to just use it as a regular body soap bar than a shampoo bar. As the body wash bar this works great. It has the right amount of soap-ness and the fragrance is mild yet powerful; almost oriental. The best part about this soap is that this is not at all dry on the skin and works perfect.

Conclusion: So my end take would be to use this Shampoo Bar as a Body Wash Bar as it works better that way. You can try and see whether it works on your hair but my recommendation will be the above.

Rating: 7/10


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