Magazine Counter: Two Different Worlds; Two Powerful Women

The Month of July has arrived and so are the brand new issues of our favourite Fashion Magazines. I am a sucker for good reading and Vogue & Elle fall into that category when it comes to Fashion with so much more. These are few of those Fashion Magazines which have such a wide variety of content that I often get surprised.

Coming to this month, Both the magazines feature powerful women in their respective industries who have been an inspiration to the women of this country irrespective of age.


VOGUE INDIA featured our BEBO aka Kareena Kapoor Khan on the cover looking stronger and fiercer than ever. No matter my love for Kareena has gone through its own ups and downs; my respect for her renewed with her announcement of Pregnancy adding that her motherhood won’t stop her from work. Living in a country where women are suppressed from ambitions and achieving dreams because of motherhood, this declaration came as a breath of fresh air. I hope she manages to pull off the different roles she plays and I am not talking about her movies. I love how she manages to come off as a Diva regardless of her married status or age. Love you Bebo!


ELLE INDIA featured Author & Activist, Arundhati Roy; a figure dismissed and criticized by many yet being an inspiration to many. This former Man Booker Prize Winner may have suffered a lot because of her openness and boldness about politics in India but the reason I speak of her as a strong woman one of power is because of her ability to speak her mind and be clear about her own perspective of things. A country embedded by its own intolerance has seen many fallen angels, but this woman picks herself up again and again and makes sure she stays grounded to her thoughts and reservations. Being an independent woman is one thing and being a woman with an independent thought is totally something different and much more respectable yet ill spoken off. Respect this woman for her fearlessness and guts.

Hope you guys grab the copies and enjoy reading them.



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