Beauty: My Top 7 Budget Lipsticks under 350 Bucks!


Hey guys I am back with another Youtube video and this time it is all about affordable lipsticks! I know any girl cannot have enough lipsticks and makeup being pretty expensive in India, I decided to help you guys a little bit. I have chosen my top 7 lipstick from my own collection that is under 350 bucks! These are all my personal lipsticks and by no way has been sponsored or promoted. I hope you guys like this video. If you do please like and subscribe my channel.

Remember my Youtube Channel name has been changed to @shopaholicpals

Enjoy the video below!

If you guys have any comments, queries and suggestions, do write to me on:





Guys do like and subscribe. I need your support to put up better and more helpful videos.

Hope you guys have a beautiful week ahead.



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