Shopping Haul: Styletag Shopping Haul + Experience


Hello folks! I am back home from my summer trip to Bangalore (which you must have already known thanks to my Instagram feed!) and I decided to do another Online Shopping Haul. This time it from a website called STYLETAG.

There are very few bloggers who have posted a proper haul from this site and because I found it worthy, I thought this post will be of great help to you guys.


STYLETAG is a Bangalore based Fashion Website which sells huge collections of Clothes, Bags, Shoes and Accessories. I have known this site since a long time but it was more of those websites which are right in front of you but you ignore.

While in Bangalore, I spotted their Stall at Orion Mall where a particular collection was available for a flat price of Rs.999/- Though I didn’t purchase anything at that time fearing it will increase my luggage, it was a good way to have a closer look at the quality and material of their stuff.

During my last few days there, I finally spotted a huge 85% discount sale going on their stuff and zeroed on a pair of pretty Vero Couture Block Color Toe Cap heels which are one of their bestselling heels. Vero Couture is their in-house brand and is available on Flipkart and Amazon too. But looking at the amazing price, I placed an order soon so that it will arrive right on time in Ahmedabad after my arrival.


Price: The best part about this site are the prices. Though the actual prices are pretty high, most of the stuff on this website are on discount which is Yay! I got these pretty Color Block Toe Cap Heels for Rs.649/– when the MRP was Rs.3499/-. So a great looking heel for less than 900 bucks is a huge accomplishment for me!


Time: The delivery generally takes 3-5 working days but mine took exactly 4 days which is great. The only problem is the order tracking isn’t good and does not show the real time status. Eg. I got my tracking after my order was delivered!



Packaging: The product came in a 3 layer sealed pack which was pretty sturdy and protective. The heels were packed in a baby pink shoe box which seemed little old but was okay. The box was then inside a Styletag Soft cardboard packaging and this was sealed in a transparent styletag plastic bag. My product was intact and so was really impressed by their packaging.


Product: The product looked absolutely new and shining. I loved the material which seemed pretty strong and the stiches were well too. The color was exactly how I anticipated and looked better than on the website. I felt the company does injustice with the look of the products online. They should get to better quality of photography so that the products look exactly how they are. I loved the fitting of the shoe. I was a bit worried with the size and intuitively went with size 40 which is generally what I wear. But in the recent times, I have been bluffed a lot with shoe sizes and so I was a little worried. When I first glanced the heels, I felt that they would be a little small for my feet. But to my surprise the heels fit so well. Overall I loved the product.


Complaints: They should work more on their marketing and photography. The website have a lot of good stuff but are lagging in good marketing schemes. Most of the times, because of the pictures on the site, the products look dull and boring when they are actually good looking and quality. Also the tracking of the products is an issue which needs to be solved.


Tip: Look out for flash sales and stick by your own standard sizes. The website also has a very peculiar feature; it gives free delivery on purchase of one item whereas charges additional Rs.30 when you go for more than one item. Maybe it was a technical glitch but do check your cart before payment. They have free COD and so you can opt for that as well.

Rating: 8/10



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