Lookbook: Bright Bold Eyes Trend for Summer!


If you guys have checked my Instagram account yesterday, you have perhaps noticed the new look I posted. Today I am going to share my latest look trend i.e Bright Bold Eyes for the Summer. Summer is already here and the best part about summers for me is COLORS!  I am a girl who loves playing with colors and if its even my eyes, I am ready to go.


The trend that I am highlighting today is Bright Bold eyes. For the look I did a complete transformation from my regular makeup routine and experimented with some colors. I chose to use a Green Eyeshadow which is something I have never done till now. For it I chose the Maybelline New York Eyestudio Color Tattoo in the shade Edgy Emerald. It is a bright metallic green color which is gorgeous especially if you are heading for a saturday night!


Now the important part here is that I did not intend this look for a night time but rather for the day. This trend will be huge this summer for sure and will make you definitely stand out in the crowd. Bright eyes may be a too bold statement for you and me but girls always remember to experiment and try different things to break your monotony and become a style diva! I am no different than you who loves to procrastinate in my PJs without any makeup on but there is always no harm in feeling a little more pretty at times.


For the overall match, I went for Red lips because in general Red goes with green well in makeup. I opted for the Loreal Paris Star Collection Pure Reds in the shade Pure Rouge which is a beautiful brick red color opted by Frieda Pinto. This went very well with the green eyes. I also used a little bit of pearly white eyeshadow from the Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Emerald Cut. I also opted for a Cat Eye with Lakme Eyeconic Kajal in Black because I thought it adds a layer of additon oopmh to the look.

My sister did not particularly liked my look because such bold statement is not her style but well I loved it! I hope you guys expriment with this trend soon and let me know what you thought about it! I will definitely try to make a video for this look soon too!

Till then,



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