CelebNewz: Sonam Kapoor Launches her own App!


Today dressed in a trendy Dolce & Gabbana Dress & Jimmy Choo, Bollywood Princess & Fashionista, Sonam Kapoor just launched her very own App today! Though it was already available for download last night, Sonam made sure she made the launch special by having a special launch Tea party live stream for her fans on the app. This App peaks into her life of glamour and style and lets us all know everything Sonam!

Many around are saying its Bollywood’s way of going Kardashian, but I think otherwise. Sonam is known for her fiesty style and princess attitude and though she gets a lot of crticism, I have always loved how smartly she turns the table. Sonam is tight closed with her team alongwith her little sister, Rhea and I love the fact that they work on ruling the world together! Me and my sister work the same way as them and I think its an adorable way to go.


For all the Sonamholics, this is a chance for you to get exclusive first previews of everything Sonam just a click away! I personally installed the App and I was pleasantly surprised to find it really nice. It’s a way you get into her life and she on the other hand can interact with her fans more. There is a way Sonam is known to connect with her fans through social media. I personally enjoy following her on Instagram and she is a dream for fashion lovers like me! Do try her app by downloading from the playstore and let me know your thoughts about it.


Love her or hate her, you can’t ignore this girl!


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