Life Rules: Why It Is Important to Shun that Negative Rodent Out


I remember having a good conversation with dad about negativity. Time to time, we update each other about the various little incidences in our lives considering we live in two different cities. Regular conversations are about various stuff, but the thing I love the most about talking to my dad is like one of these. That day I wasn’t in my best mood. It wasn’t as if something bad had happened but sometimes I can be really moody.  I anyways ended up talking with him though I didn’t intend to. When we started talking, it miraculously went for over an hour. We did share our regular pleasantries and then ended up sharing this little wisdom with each other. I really don’t remember how the topic started but he was telling me how mature and patient he has grown to become after switching his job place. He had behaved very calmly during a family drama and also overcome his impatience at workplace. I told him how thoroughly  I was happy for him. He then added that it’s really important for every one of us to control our anger and make ourselves more mature. To that I just told him that it’s not that he did it altogether by himself, but the very fact that he had very few people to fill his ears with useless gossips was another plus point. I added that having less number of so called ‘friends’ who fill you with the daily gossips and drama increases your own stress level and makes you negative towards others around. And the worst part is it ends with you yourself isolating from everyone around and suffering. He completely agreed to that.


Honestly, I don’t know what came on me to think in that direction. Maybe because it has happened to me before or because it was one of the reasons I went into a year long depression. The very topic of ‘Negativity’ has some or the other way impacted me a lot. May be more than what I presume. You may have hundreds of reason to be negative: you may have suffered a heartbreak or lost a loved one or lost your job and so on. But remember every living soul around you is suffering. A person who is totally content or happy is more realistically a myth. So don’t let any amount of negativity get on you and especially people who carry negativity like rodents. Perhaps the biggest mistake we make is by considering people who warn us or so called care enough to let us know what was spoken behind our backs, as ‘True Friends’. But to be honest, these are the very people you should stay away from. A real friend doesn’t engage you in useless garbage about yourself but talks about every thing else. Remember its easier to prevent the rodent than the disease itself. So the next time you find yourself in the company to a ‘friend’ like that, better skip away silently than listen to crap. There is nothing better than shunning away a negative soul!

Stay Happy & Healthy,



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