Product Review: Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Emerald Cut


Hello Beauties! I am back with another product review and this time it is Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in the shade Emerald Cut. I have been thinking of reviewing the product since quite long and I finally decided on doing it (phew!) I have pretty limited amount of eyeshadow sets with me as I am pretty particular about different shades of eyeshadows that suit my skin tone.


I came across this while buying birthday gifts for my sister and I decided to gift her this. She is a total makeup lover and I wanted her to experiment with a different brand this time. Avon is a USA based cosmetics company which indulges into direct selling of its products to the customers. But I guess it is a little different right now with their products available on online retail stores in India.


Considering that it is an affordable drugstore brand, the products range from makeup to skincare to bath care. The products are a good quality at a pocket friendly budget and that’s why I think its a pretty good brand to experiment with. I have always found their products good quality which you generally do not get with brands in India. Apart from the biggies, it is very tough to get affordable makeup products in India god knows why?

I got the product as free from Purplle while buying a good range of Avon products. That’s the reason it is such a thumbs up! (who doesn’t like freebies guys?) So here is my complete take on the eyeshadow quad.


Brand: Avon
Product: True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Emerald Cut  

Price: Rs.799/-
Quantity: 5 g
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Purplle, Snapdeal


Packaging: One of the best things that I like about Avon is how nicely the products are packaged. The quad comes in a black box with all details written about the product. Honestly, the packaging looks classy and sleek. The actual product is also black gloss box with ‘AVON’ embedded on it. The package is not flimsy and doesn’t feel cheap. It is handy and travel friendly. The product also comes with a mirror which is of a considerable size and looks good. Overall very happy with the packaging.



Product: This is an eyeshadow quad which means it comes with four different shades: Shimmering Beige, Soften Peach, Green Metal & Blackened Emerald. The colors in the quad look beautiful but uncoordinated. I mean I love how they look but they do not seem to be coordinating with each other. I do not understand how emerald matches with peach? The contrast is too much for my taste. Overall the product looks nice but the shimmer part is a little turn off for me.



Effectiveness: As I have already mentioned that the colors are shimmer based and feel soft but a little chalky. The pigmentation is good but not the best I have seen. I had to swipe it 3-4 times to put the swatches on my hand. The lighter shades seem to have more pigmentation than the darker ones. Also the shimmer is a little too much which makes this quad better for occasions than daily wear.  I do love how the Beige shade comes out because it is highly pigmented and better than the rest of the shades. The beige shade is almost colorless which is confusing. Another issue is that when applied, the colors smudge with each other and the look doesn’t come as good as it is supposedly. I wish the color stay was better because I was really keen in using the darker shades for parties. But the color just goes away like puff! Overall the product could have been way better than what it is. That would have just made it to my top fave eyeshadows.

Tip: You can use the Beige shade as an illuminator or highlighter which will make it a way better use than using it as an eyeshadow. I love the beige color!

Rating: 6.5/10


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