Beauty: My Fragrance Collection ♥


Hello ladies! I am back with another new post. This time I decided to share my Fragrance Collection with you guys. I am a sucker for good perfumes and mists and so I have collected quite a few during these years. I will be sharing my take on each of the ones, their price and my rating. Do comment down below if you have any query regarding the post or its products. I will be happy to help! So let’s start with my list below:

  1. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia Eau De Parfum

    This is my most precious possession considering that my dad bought this for me specially from Germany. Considering that is it an EDP, it is highly concentrated and stays for a very very long time (more than few days at least!). The smell is highly fruity and citrus-y. The top notes are lemon and mint with Heart notes of peony, jasmine and pink pepper. The base notes are sugar, ceddar and labdenum. The fragrance wasn’t my favorite when I first tried it; but its sheer luxurious feel made it my all time must have. I completely love this and would recommend this to every girl who loves fragrances which are fresh and citrus-y.
    Feels: Luxurious, Fresh, Happy
    Price: Approx Rs. 8000 for 100 ml
    Rating: 9/10

  2. All Good Scents Tender Eau De Toilette2016-04-19-16-24-23

    I came across this perfume while browsing online website Nykaa, and immediately ordered it without much thought. To my delight, I absolutely loved it. It is one of my favorite smelling Budget Perfumes which is not just a great smell but also of a great quality. I admire All Good Scents for presenting such high quality perfumes in the Indian Market at affordable prices. The smell is more musky and laid down which makes it perfect for office or everyday use. It isn’t too overpowering or strong and has got a good stay power. This perfume has top notes of White flowers, Mandarin and orange blossoms; Heart Notes of Jasmine, Patchoulli and Rose and Base Notes of Honey, Cedar and Vetovar.
    Feels: Powerful, Subtle, Woody
    Price: Rs.750 for 50 ml

    Rating: 9/10 

  3. Avon Little Black Dress Eau De Toilette2016-04-19-16-23-32

    I have been keen on trying this iconic perfume from Avon since a long time. And I finally decided to gift my sister the same. I have to say I am so impressed with this fragrance that I really wanna try other ones from Avon as well. This is one of the most subtle yet classic perfumes I have ever come across. It is a very rare quality for a perfume to be so powerful yet be so toned down at the same time. I would highly recommend this to everyone. This is ideal for office to your saturday dinner date. The Top notes are Cyclamen, Coriander, African Ginger, Apricot Blossom and Honeysuckle. The Heart notes are of Gardenia, Ylang Ylang, Pink Peony, Jasmine and Datura; and the base notes consist of Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Musk, Japanese Plum and Woody Notes.
    Feels: Powerful, Woody, Romantic

    Price: Rs.1200 for 50 ml
    Rating: 9/10

  4. Davidoff Cool Water for Women Eau De Toilette2016-04-19-16-28-17

    This remains a special perfume due to the fact that this was my first salary purchase. I had been dying to try this iconic perfume since a really long time and when I finally got a chance, I couldn’t be happier. I must say the fragrance is a little too strong for me at times but it definitely tops the summer fragrance list. The smell is fresh and as every one says “reminds of the ocean”. Also it smells a little oil-like not in a bad way but yeah that’s the closest I can explain. So if you are a fan of fresh smelling perfumes which will always give you a beach vibe, this is it. The top notes are pineapple, quince, lemon, black currant, lily, melon, lotus and Calone. Heart notes consist of honey, hawthorn, jasmine, water lily, lily of the valley, lotus and rose and the base notes are blackberry, violet root, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, raspberry, peach and vetiver.
    Feels: Summery, Fresh, Rainy
    Price: Rs.4550 for 100 ml

  5. Playboy Play it Sexy Eau De Toilette2016-04-19-16-27-25

    I bought this one during my stay at hostel and this would definitely make my day better then. This perfume is a super sexy and spicy fragrance that can turn your date wild. No seriously! I love this for the fact that how easily its available online in India and also being very light on the pocket, its a must have. I haven’t tried their other ones but I would definitely once I am over with this. Highly recommended! The top notes are grape fruit, mandarin orange and pink pepper. The heart notes consist of jasmine, licorice and osmanthus and the base notes are sandalwood, patchoulli, tona bean and vanille.
    Feels: Sexy, playful, Seductive
    Price: Rs.695 for 75 ml

  6. Avon Essence Romantic Bouquet Eau De Toilette2016-04-19-16-30-14

    This is my latest purchase when it comes to perfumes and after thoroughly researching a lot, I picked it up. Considering how much I liked Avon’s Little Black Dress, I wasn’t able to control my urge to try out another perfume from Avon. This one smells subtle, light and floral. It is one of those perfumes which makes you linger just a little longer. This one is perfect for a first date or a shopping trip with your angels. That’s how different this perfume is. It can make you feel like a little good girl at one time and a diva at another. Wish they had a bigger bottle available. This one is so handy and travel friendly. A must try. The top note is peony, middle note is freesia and the base note is vetiver.
    Feels: Light, Fresh, Romantic
    Price: Rs.599 for 30 ml
    Rating: 8/10

  7. The Bodyshop Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne2016-04-19-16-40-29

    I got this as a gift from Cosmopolitian India and I couldn’t be more happier. That’s because I had planned on buying this for my sister who absolutely fell in love with this fragrance. This smells utterly fresh and fruity and summery and best for a sunday brunch or day out with pals. The smell lasts for a moderate amount of time and works great after a shower. Another must try! The top notes are green tea, bergemot, lemon and mandarin orange and the heart notes are camillia, jasmine and violet. 
    Feels: Summery, Fresh, Cool

    Price: Rs.1295 for 100 ml
    Rating: 7.5/10 

  8. Aspen Sensation Cologne Spray by Coty2016-04-19-19-50-59

    This cologne spray was a gift from my sister living abroad and it is a discontinued one for now. I absolutely love this smell. It’s ladylike and powerful yet subtle. Perfect for a lunch date or an interview, it works for both. The top note is mint, heart note is freesia and the base note is orchid. Absolutely love!
    Feels: Ladylike, Powerful, Floral
    Price: N/A

  9. The Bodyshop Strawberry Body Mist2016-04-19-16-38-52

    This one is my regular use body mist and makes me good to go after shower. I love how basic and fresh this mist is. The only note of this fragrance is strawberry and it smells divine. Though at the first try, I didn’t like it much, I am a big fan now. I cannot live without this anymore. Even my boyfriend loves this on me which is another big thumbs up. Try this if you a lover of fruity and sweet smells. This isn’t too sweet but sweet enough. Highly recommended!
    Feels: Fruity, Fresh, Active
    Price: Rs.795 for 100 ml
    Ratng: 8.5/10

  10. Nivea Fresh Natural Body Spray2016-04-19-16-41-24

    I bought this as an experiment and kinda liked it. It isn’t my favorite but if you are a fan of nivea’s classic skincream fragrance, this is for you. This smells exactly like their skincream and so is ideal for workouts and gyms. This definitely makes you smell hell active and fresh. Recommended for all time fans!
    Feels: Active, Fresh
    Price: Rs.225 for 75 ml
    Rating: 5/10 

  11. Fabindia Floral Bliss Body Spray2016-04-19-16-37-59

    This fabindia Body spray is such a feminine fragrance. I love it for the fact that it is a nice combination of woody and floral smells. It is affordable and easily available at all Fabindia stores across India. Perfect for a day out or a lunch date, this will surely charm your other half. Pretty romantic and woody, it stands out as a perfect Indian fragrance. Do try!
    Feels: Woody, Romantic, Floral?
    Price: Rs.225 for 100 ml
    Raitng: 7/10

Hope you guys liked this post. Do like and comment below. I am really happy on all the support and love you guys pour on me!





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