Beauty: My Top Five Face Wash Picks for Summer!


Hello girls! Summer is already here in India unofficially! The scorching heat and sweat is what drives each of us mad these days. From being too fashionable for the heat to the regular skin problems, the summer has it all! So today I thought of posting my own top five Face Wash Picks for the Summer to help you ladies in India cope up with this weather a little easily. Firstly all these Face Washes are regular brands and are very affordable and readily available in India. So if you guys wanna pick up any of these stuff abroad, I would suggest some of the Online Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay etc. where these are available for purchase. These picks are purely my own picks and are not at all sponsored in anyways. So you guys can be sure about having no bias. Here is my list:


  1. Himalaya Herbals Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash

    Price – Rs. 100/- for 100 ml
    My first pick is my all time favorite face wash. This brand is very affordable and available across all regular beauty and drug stores in India. The composition is Aloe Vera and Cucumber which makes it ideal for dry skin. This face wash is creamy in texture and so forms less soapy foam which is a thumbs up from me. It is light in feel and smells very fresh and subtle. It helps remove impurities and clean up your pores to reduce breakouts which are so common in the summer heat. Use it specially in the noon time after you have come back from any sunny outing. It will surely help you feel fresh and your skin will feel hydrated. The only concern here is it can still be a little dry but manageable with any soft base moisturizer to be used afterwards. So if you have a sensitive dry skin, this one is a must.


  1. Ayorma Fairness & Anti Tan Face Wash

    Price – Rs.349/- for 100 ml
    I came across its sample in my Fabbag and I remember me and my sister really loving it. So we ordered a full size and have been using since. The best part about this face wash is that it is a paraben free natural product. Also the reason why it is an absolute essential for summer is that it gives a really cold feeling on your skin once applied. This product immediately makes your face feel cool and relaxed. The soft beads are also helpful in fighting the tan caused in the summer heat and gives your face a nice subtle glow. The texture is liquid gel like with beads and is not very soapy. A lot of water has to be applied to rinse it off entirely but it works wonders for the heat on your skin. So if you have a skin inflammation on your face, this is an absolute must use. I would recommend this to all skin types as it works equally good.


  1. Garnier Pure Active Neem+Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash

    Price – Rs.105/- for 100 ml
    I know this one’s pretty popular and so it definitely makes to the list. I wasn’t swept away on its first use but definitely made it my summer companion. This face wash is ideal for hot sweaty summers and its bad results on your skin. The product comes with a liquid gel texture and deeply cleanses the skin to give you a fresh and clean feel. This is a definite for oily skin and really helps to control the pimples and irritation your face suffers during the heat. I always prefer water based liquid face washes like this than the harsh ones. The best part about this is it doesn’t make your skin too dry or patchy and really helps. Highly recommended!


  1. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic White Tea & Chamomile Face Wash

    Price – Rs. 135/- for 100 ml
    I picked this up from Health & Glow Beauty Store in Bengaluru without knowing much about the brand. Surprisingly my sister already knew about it and was quite praising it. This one is a very affordable face wash range if you want to prevent harmful parabens and anything harmful and artificial at all because this is all natural! The texture of this face wash is totally un-soapy and kinda clings to the skin till removed properly. It is very gentle on the skin and is totally appropriate for dry hot weather. I would definitely recommend this for normal to dry skin. The frangrance is also very subtle and so its appropriate if you aren’t much into strong smelling skincare stuff. Definite try if you have a very dry skin as this will definitely help to balance your skin’s moisture.


  1. Studiowest Indulge Calming Lavender Face Wash

    Price – Rs. 99/- for 100 ml
    If you love Lavender, you will surely love this! My sister picked this up from the Westside Store from their then launched Studiowest Bath & Skincare Range. Though we were a bit apprehensive about its quality but surprisingly, this came out pretty good. The product has a strong lavender fragrance and leaves a subtle finish after wash. The texture is liquidity gel but with less foam which is always a good sign. This one is also ideal for dry skin because it leaves a smooth finish on the skin. It is mostly helpful as a regular cleanser and so I won’t be too sure about using it for breakout reduction. But considering how affordable it is priced, it is definite try!

Hope this list came handy for you guys in this summer. Stay fresh and hydrated and take good care of your skin. Any comments or suggestions are welcome 🙂




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