Shopping Haul: Zivame Online Shopping Haul + Experience


Ladies time for another shopping Haul already! Hope the previous Haul was helpful to you guys while buying stuff from Forever 21 Website (Do write to me about your experiences!)
It’s been a while since I have indulged in Lingerie Splurging and considering its one of the most important necessities to invest your precious money in, I decided to buy something from an Indian Lingerie Website called Zivame.

Zivame is a Bengaluru based Online Retailer which specializes in Women’s Lingerie, Casual Clothing, Beachwear, Sportswear, Shapewear etc. They are pretty well known in India and also have an active advertising campaign going on. They have been online for a while now and I have personally heard lots of good things about their products and service. That’s the reason the first name that came on my mind while shopping for lingerie online was this website.


Price: Now coming to the purchase, I wasn’t very sure on what I planned to buy, but being a Sale-Loving Freak, I ended up browsing their entire SALE corner where they had upto 70% off on stuff (yay!) After 15 mins of careful browsing, I ended up picking a Neon Green T-Shirt Bra from the premium Lingerie Brand, BW!TCH. The piece was at a 50% discount and costed around Rs.400/- which was a steal considering BW!TCH is a little expensive! The piece was the last unit left and I quickly grabbed it and added it to my cart. I couldn’t find anything else of my choice and so when I went to checkout, I saw that a Shipping & Handling charge of Rs.39 and an additional tax of Rs.20 was levied on it. Now this is where I got a little pissed off but I anyways went ahead with the purchase as the piece was branded and was available at a reasonable price anyways. I opted for a COD which was available without any additional charge (Thank god for that!)


Time: My order was shipped withing 24 hours of placing the order and I received my package in 4 days which is a thumbs up. I was expecting it to take at least 5 days but hats off for that.



Packaging: Now the main issue. I received my stuff in a plain brown cardboard box with a ‘Do Not Receive if Tampered’ Tape which was a complete let down. Zivame follows a policy of ‘Discreet Packaging’ which means they pack their items in plain packaging in order to ensure complete privacy. I highly respect this concept but the only problem is the whole ‘Receiving my special package from Zivame’ excitement somehow dies down. I know I may sound very rude but the point is packaging is one of the ways a brand markets itself and I feel Zivame is losing its edge on this. Another Lingerie website, PrettySecrets also follows the same ppolicy of discreet packaging but packs its stuff in a bright pink box with its symbol on it to keep it discreet. That’s the catch. I wish Zivame really perks up the packaging. Even my sister was so dissappointed to look at my package when it arrived. I really hope Zivame soon comes up with a better idea regarding its packaging. Trust me, it will do wonders for them.


Product: The product came packed in their brand packet and it seemed pretty well. The only problem was the small ribbon at the center which was kinda distorted. It wasn’t torn but the stitch on one side had come off. But considering the overall the product was pretty awesome and it fit like a glove, I decided to not make a complaint as I did not wish to replace it for such a minute defect. Overall the fabric was super comfy and breathable (especially in this heat here!) Also the fit was so awesome which I had anyways expected considering I have bought this brand before and know my perfect size in their collection. So I am very happy with the product quality.

selfiecamera_2016-04-15-02-35-20-515 (1)

Complaints: Well to start off, it will be the additional cost for shipping which I thought wasn’t necessary and of the packaging part which I have pretty much emphasized on. Also they should also check for minor defects before sending the product to the customers.

Tip: Check with the standard brand sizes at multi-brand stores before making purchases online because it really helps relieving the stress of ill fitted lingerie which is always a big big turnoff!

Hope this review was helpful to you girls and do comment below about your thoughts and experiences which I would definitely love to hear!

Rating: 7/10



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