Shopping Haul: Forever21 Online Shopping Haul + Experience


It’s been really long since I have posted a shopping haul and here it is! I just received my Forever21 package a few days ago (you will know when if you check my Insta!) and I just thought of putting up a post about it. Now I know how crazy Indian girls are about Forever21 and it is no secret that I am one of them too. I have shopped from it’s store at the Oberoi Mall in Mumbai once but I was just too lazy to put up a post about it thanks to my job then. Now that I am more free, I just thought of it. Enough narrating the story now.


Coming to the point. I happen to be browsing the Forever21 Indian website which has great discounts all year round. I  came across a special FLAT 50% off section which was separate than the usual sale section and had good varieties of stuff on flat sale. On top of it, the free shipping was on a min of Rs.1500 which was the YAY moment for me because they are known for their costly shipping and the general free shipping is at a minimum of Rs.2500.

This sale offer was valid on three sections: Accessories, Shoes & Inner wear. Now Inner wear section had really pretty and sexy pieces but as I wasn’t that sure about the sizes, I left it. I first browsed through the Accessories section and though it was the only section of sale (guh! my browsing skills sometimes!) In this section, I picked up a Faux Leather Zippered Cross-body Blue Sling Bag with Gold Chain which I thought would look really cool with jeans. I am into sling bags more nowadays the reason being they are so handy and easy.


I could not control my excitement when I saw that there is a Shoes Section as well with really cool heels ( I have a weakness for heels!) From this section I picked up a Suede Tomato Red Pump and my sister picked up the same in Nude shade. Now here I picked up US size 9 which is equivalent to UK size 40 and my sister picked up US size 8.5 which is UK size 39.5


Because the total came about Rs.1866 after the discount, it was gonna be free shipping so I was really happy. They did charge me around Rs.37 for Cash on  delivery which I didn’t think it was a very significant amount to complain considering I pay when I get the products (which I always prefer!)

Price: Blue Zippered Cross-body Bag – Rs. 649.50 (Original : Rs.1299)
Suede Pump in Tomato Red – Rs.589.50 (Original : Rs. 1179)
Suede Pump in Nude – Rs. 589.50 (Original : Rs.1179)

Time: The total time it took for the package to arrive at my doorstep was exactly 3 days which is a thumbs up from my side because of what I had heard, they took about a week previously.


Packaging: My order came in a big box with Forever21 Tape labelled around. The products were packed securely in different packets. The bag came stuff with sheets inside to keep its shape intact and was packed in a Forever21 yellow pack. The shoes came in separate boxes for each pair and were in packed in plastics. The bill came separately inside the box. I was happy with the packaging.


Products: The quality of the products were very good. The suede was brand new without stains and the heel was also very nicely shaped. I loved the shoes. The Tomato Red Heels I ordered were stunning. The color looked gorgeous and the nude ones were pretty toned down and classy. The bag was a bit smaller than what I expected, but it was very cute. I would have loved it to be a bit bigger.


Complaints: Now the most important part. The biggest blunder that happened with this order were the shoe sizes. Now Forever21 is an international brand and with such brands the biggest issue is the standard sizes. These are international sizes and even if they are converter to Indian  standard sizes, they pose an issue. I have seen a similar problem with ZARA too. Both the shoes were bigger than our respective sizes. The one my sister bought was so loose, she could hardly be able to wear it at all. The one I ordered was still safe and was a little loose for me though it is workable and can be adjusted to wear. So at the end, I took the one my sister bought too and that is only because of a big issue with this website. Forever21 has a poor Customer Service and it is clearly written that the products on Final Sale are neither refundable nor Returnable. I just wish they change this problem soon and make some arrangement because or else it can be a sheer waste of money. Thankfully, I could manage overcoming that.


Experience: Overall, I am satisfied with what I bought and the delivery is smooth though the Return & Exchange Policy has to be amended to make purchase from this site more customer friendly. I loved the quality and price but for it to make a mark on the Indian market, it needs to work upon its customer service and return policies soon.

Tip: My tip for purchase from this site will be that do go to a Forever21 store if you have one in your city and check with your sizes be it clothes or shoes and then make purchases online if you are getting hefty discounts. If you live in a city where you do not have a store, do take in the pain to measure your sizes and take use of the size charts given on the website before you make purchase because the standard Indian sizes that you regularly wear won’t work out here.

Rating: 7/10




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