Product Review: Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Gradation in Shade Pink 2


So here I am back with another review and this time it is the newest kid on the block: The Maybelline New York Lip Gradation in the shade Pink 2. Honestly, Maybelline has been crazy with new launches every month and this one came just after the Fit Me! range which I haven’t able to try on till now.


I have been eyeing these for sometime but wasn’t exactly very eager to purchase them as I have my share of matte lipsticks and I need to use them more often which I am not able to. But then on the other hand my last few lipstick purchases have been very nude shades and I needed something preppy and colorful for spring. So I ended up buying this from Amazon which gave an amazing discount on this product alone! (yay!)

These lip colors are available in 8 shades in India: Pink 1, Pink 2, Mauve 1, Orange 1, Fushia 1, Red 1 & Red 2. All these shades are suited for Indian skin tones which is thumbs up! Now these lip colors are for a special purpose: to create the ombre lip look that has been made popular all over the world by Korean Pop i.e Kpop! (I am a big time kpopper myself!) Now out of the 8 shades, I went for this shade intuitively. I wasn’t aware on how it would exactly look on me but the website reviews were pretty encouraging and so I thought of going for it.


Brand: Maybelline New York
Product: Color Sensational Lip Gradation  

Price: Rs.500/-
Quantity: 1.25 g
Available on: Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Purplle, leading beauty stores, Maybelline Counters.




The packaging of the product is sleek and it works like a retractable lip crayon, only thinner. It was packed and sealed in a transparent plastic cover which had all the information about the product along with how to use it. Now one thing that I don’t understand with Maybelline packaging is why do they write all the important stuff like manufacture and expiry date on the cover that has to be thrown off? Because once off, it can be an issue to remember the dates. I just wish they wrote the info on the actual product itself. As already said the product has one side lip color and other side the sponge which is to be used to create the ombre look. The sponge portion also has a cap which has to be twisted to bring out the actual lip color side. Because it isn’t written on the cap, it can be confusing at times as where I should be twisting to bring out the lip color in the first place. Apart from that the product looks cute and sleek and is travel-friendly as well.




The only complaint everyone seems to have is the quantity of the actual product which is seems less for the price. If compared, the product is on the lines of high priced brands like M.A.C in terms of price. But to be honest, I found it alright. I mean its all relative because I don’t personally think makeup products are that cheaper anyways. Maybe because I got it at a staggering discount, I love it even more! (who doesn’t love discounts?) I am not a very big fan of the smell which kinda seems to be chalky. But apart from that the texture is smooth and soft and it makes your lips absolutely matte.



Now my fave part! This is a matte lip color and to be honest when I first applied it, it glided like silk. I absolutely love it! Blogger Sonal Sagaraya mentioned that the formula is very similar to the Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks but as I haven’t used them yet, this product came as a huge surprise. The color is a bright pink but absolutely right for my skin tone which is a relief because most of the bright pinks tend to look neon or washed out on me. The formula is absolutely a stunner and it glides smooth as silk. The color output is great and this color suits most of the Indian skin tones which is a plus point. I have had enough of reds and wanted a bright pink for the spring and this is just perfect. It only requires 2-3 swipes for a complete bold color to appear. I still haven’t used it for the ombre look as I am saving it for an upcoming occasion look, but I would surely update it as soon as I do it.


If you do not mind spending a few more bucks, I would recommend this product for your daily as well as occasional use. It is much more convenient than lipsticks which tend to melt or break easily and also gives absolutely gorgeous output! Go for it!

RATING: 8/10


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