Product Review: Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream


Today I will be reviewing the Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream which I bought from my trip to Kolkata. Though this is available across all Fabindia Stores across India; I just discovered for the first time there while shopping. I have a pretty sensitive skin and any other skincare product does not work well with me so I have to generally be very careful while getting skincare products for myself. Acne is a problem faced by majority by us nowadays and adding the pollution, stress and unhealthy food habits, it just keeps increasing overtime rather than reducing.




Brand: Fabindia
Product: Clove Acne Control Cream
Price: Rs.190/-
Quantity: 50ml
Ingredients: Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Clove Oil, Niacynamide, Tree Tea Oil, Carbomer, Polysorbet 20, Sunflower Oil, Dimethicone, Allantoin, Methyl Paraben, Cedarwood Oil,Disodium Edta,Propyl Paraben, Seabuckthorn Oil



Packaging: The packaging seems pretty sober and artsy. Nothing too glamourous or flashy. Fabindia is known for making traditional Indian stuff look cool and that’s exactly how the packaging of the product is. The container is a sturdy plastic one with an extra plastic cover for protecting the product from spilling over. Now though the product has been given enough protection but one accident happened soon after I opened its seal to use it. I kept it in my bag while I was travelling and when I came back home, I was horrified that some of the cream had leaked out! Now I won’t accuse the brand of bad packaging but maybe this product would been better in a lotion like package. Now that is just a suggestion.



Product:  The cream is an off-white color cream with a gel-cream like consistency. Now the consistency is what is different here. I was surprised to find that the formula is gel like tough not absolute transparent one. And because of that, it is non greasy and non-oily which is of great help because majority of people suffering from acne have oily skin. But again the wonderful thing is, this cream is suitable even for people having dry or combination skin. But one cannot expect it to moisturize the skin because it totally does not do that. The smell is pretty intense which can be a bit uncomfortable for few but then it is better to apply it after taking a shower or as a night cream.



Effectiveness: Now coming to the effectiveness, the cream claims to control acne rather than directly saying that it reduces it. So what I was finally expecting out of the product was helping me reduce the outbreak of acne rather than reducing it after it erupts on my face. The product is not the fattest when it comes to effectiveness but it surely helps reduce the outbreak over the course of its use. As soon as I applied the cream, it burnt like hell. Now please do not get scared; I do not literally mean burnt but a really stingy sensation is felt by the skin which suddenly stops in a minute and turns your skin to feel a little numb for sometime. Now if you have used clove oil for your dental issues before, this is what clove does. That is how we come to know that it really does have clove oil and not just claims to have. I would suggest on using this product continuously for at least 2 months for effective results. I have been using it for a month and it does effect. The acne outbreak has reduced considerably but whenever I stop using it, it goes back to square one. So I would recommend you guys to maintain healthy food habits and continuous usage of the product for good results. Recommended!

Rating: 8/10



4 thoughts on “Product Review: Fabindia Acne Control Clove Cream

  1. Well, when it comes to a product which contains spices in it, especially clove, I think that a burning sensation is a given. I’ve been using the Biotique Bio Clove face pack and it worked wonders for my skin. I’m actually open to trying this fabindia cream, I hope it works for me.
    I love your review of this product, it’s very comprehensive and detailed, something a review should be. Got some inspiration from your blog. Do you have a bloglovin’ account?
    Do visit me if you have the time 🙂

    Life, love and everything else


    1. Hi Rachna! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad the review helped you. I do not have a bloglovin’ account but I will surely visit your blog when I can! Do come back if you need any help or require any other review. I will try my best to bring up a post about it! Keep coming back!
      Love & Luck,


      1. Thanks a lot for telling me about it. I was not aware about it at all. Will surely make an account there. Thanks a lot for your help Rachna. Will pay a visit to your blog soon!


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