Life Rules: Love Thy Flaw ♥

Its past 3 am in the morning and I am madly tired and exhausted. And here I am writing a piece with sore eyes and pathetic dark circles underneath them. The reason for my endurance is the reason of my frustration and depression over many years. I am sure each one of you would have once in your life asked yourself, “Why the hell am I flawed? Why couldn’t god make me perfect?”


If you haven’t asked this question to yourself yet, it basically sums up to two things: Either you are a born GOD or you are too lazy to look around! Yes! No matter how mean that sounds, it is true isn’t it? We live in a world full of perfections; when you see that neighbor girl with a perfect bod or that guy who has those perfectly chiseled abs, you wonder WHERE THE HELL WAS I WHEN THIS WAS BEING GIFTED TO PEOPLE?That classmate with the perfect skin or that college friend your boyfriend has with that utterly sexy voice; every damn thing around makes us cringe with our own unworthiness. When you see that celebrity with the perfect hair and skin laughing at her own gift of generosity from above, don’t you wonder this world is an unfair place? When that guy in your class scores the interview just because he has the perfect smile even with a brain worth a slice of bread, doesn’t it make you mad? I know it does. You, me and everyone else out there in this little piece of the biased world.

I have personally come to write this because of the very fact that I fall in the same category of people I am writing about; you. No matter how you try to hide those pimples under makeup or that tummy fat under stomach shapers, at the end it will basically come back to the original. And that’s when you would look at yourself at the mirror and think of this world being unfair. And you would definitely regret the fact you are born. This thinking my friend, is where our troubles start. You may end up in depression which elders would term as an age anxiety or definitely a permanent inferiority complex.

Every country no matter how advanced and rich has some cultural issues regarding color, gender, age, body structures. A racism in the west isn’t that big an issue in the east; but an ethnic discrimination is. My point here is we live in a world where there are bigger problems than our acne and body. Think of it like this; we live in a tiny planet in the universe which is unworthy if though about it relevance of existence. But on its own, its huge massive place with over billion beings breathing each second.

Our flaws are similar; they are irrelevant to this huge world but are a matter of complex problems to us. Coming back to the point, I remember when I was a child how I used to feel it’s unfair that I am gap toothed. I would see other children at school or outside and feel how lucky they are that they can smile without being embarrassed that they look like Bugs Bunny out of Cartoon Network! I would never smile with my teeth coming to be visible and my parents would end up thinking that I am a sad child. I would sit and try to push my teeth together to fill up the gap and sigh thinking its just plain bad luck and I can never look pretty smiling. I even requested my parents for a dental surgery for the issue but then they couldn’t afford it and I would just cry inside.

That miserable feeling of anger mixed with sadness was too heavy for a child’s heart. I ended up making myself more detached from people I should have grown fond of. I talked less to others and more to myself. I made up myself looking plain and boring so that people would not look at me. Because if they did and cringed, I would be hurt even more. The time was running and I stopped looking at myself. My self pity and inferiority complex made me more vulnerable. I remember reading an article in Seventeen Magazine during those time which suggested ways one should appreciate oneself than pushing oneself down by self. That piece of reading was magic. It instantly clicked!

Then came the time, when I started seeing myself in a different light. It was during the college years when I started building up my self confidence and courage. When people complemented me on how smart I was or how beautiful my eyes were, I started saying a ‘Thank You’ with a smile on my face rather than the earlier “Oh..That’s not the case, I don’t look that good.” This gradually started making up for those bad years. I started embracing my flaws and looking at them in a different light. I started thinking this way: “Why am I being such an idiot when I am not? What is so wrong with gap teeth? Why was I so embarrassed before? Seriously! it was though provoking!

I remember shutting up every person who would make fun of my flaw saying even Celebrity like Madonna and great men like Swami Vivekananda share my flaw. I see it as a mark of celebration; of courage. Rather than a flaw. Since then, I have never looked back at my flaw. Yes, I am flawed, but I love it now. That’s the best part of me and I will never change it. And even if in distance future, I plan to make changes, it will be because I am looking forward to a good and wonderful change within me and not because I am disgusted.

That’s the point I wanna share with you guys. Each one of you is unique; you guys possess one power and one flaw. Do not just embrace the good part; even the bad part is unique to you. A pimple, a scar, a mole every little piece of yourself needs to be embraced and celebrated. You are different! In every way. The two ways are the almighty’s way of balancing things; balancing the world.

Every person has it; even your hottest celebrity crush! It is for you to change your perceptions. Remember a positive perception will bring goodness and peace in life. Be confident. Be happy. Smile, dance, talk and share. Let your heart flow. Let yourself fall in love. Embrace your fears. Embrace your flaws. Remember its for you to love yourself first. The day you do so; you make every one around you fall in love with you too.

Hope this little long piece of writing helped you guys fight your own demons and hope for better in the future. Never forget to say the word HOPE. It brings the best out of you.

Love & Luck,



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