Happy New Year Gorgeous!

A very Happy New Year all you gorgeous people! I know its kinda a late New-Year-wishing, but I just landed home after travelling to the city of joy, Calcutta (Kolkata now!) and I thought of updating you all on how things have been since a while. First of all I would like to wish you guys a very happy and prosperous new year where I wish all of us cherish our lives even more than before. The time for crazy new year resolutions, I have decided to take my life in a much calmer way than how 2015 had been. Hope you guys have also decided upon your resolutions and plan to stick to them for a while 😉
Secondly, there is huge update coming up in a week on the blog and I would love you guys to check them out soon. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you would definitely know what I am talking about. Anyways, I would be very happy to get more suggestions from you guys which would help me in improving this space.
On a final note, I would like to say that I am overwelmed by the love and support you guys show to me and and blog and I hope this continues and becomes stronger this year. I promise to work harder on the blog front even though I am kinda slow right now.
Hope you stunning people have a beautiful year ahead full of hope and happiness.



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