Magazine Counter: Gorgeous December 2015 Covers of Vogue India, Elle India & Harper’s Bazaar India


So I have finally decided after giving this trivial thing a thought for too long, that I will be featuring the Magazine covers in a brand new segment called ‘Magazine Counter’. I will be briefly describing my thoughts on the covers as well as give a rating for whether you should buy this issue or not. Because the infiltration of Fashion Magazines is still less in India, I guess it will be a bit of a help for the fashion loving followers here who have a limited pocket money for spending on magazines. I hope this helps you guys out. Do let me know via your comments on what you thing of it.

Talking about the upcoming month, December’s finally here! (OMG!) and its all winter cold breezes around India (though majority of the country never gets as much as a snow flake here!) Being a fashion lover that I am, I have always been a big fan of the limited Fashion Magazines that were available in my country since I was 12. Though a lot of new ones have been introduced, I feel the pricing of these magazines is too high and it just seems to increase day by day! Considering that, we already know that most of the fashion mags already have their upcoming issue out on the last day of the month (except for Cosmo India!)

I will here be talking about three biggies which are out either a few days ago or today. Here they are:


This month Vogue India seems to have a blast because they have come out with a gorgeous cover featuring the glamour ladies of Bollywood: Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Kajol & Sridevi all dressed up in regal yet super diva-licious outfits by none other than the bollywood fave, Manish Malhotra. Considering the ladies are his Bollywood Muses among the A-Listers, it was no surprise. I love how everyone looks in the softly romantic hues of lavender and powder blue except for Kareena who seemed to be dressed too differently than the rest. Nevermind, the gold background gives a classic feel to the cover and I personally loved it!


Rating: 8/10
Yay or Neh: Definitely Yay! I am picking my copy soon!


Elle India turns 19 this December which means an Anniversary Issue! I am a collector of most of the anniversary issues because they feature whole lot more than the regular ones and also have a gorgeous cover. Alia Bhatt seems to be every Fashion Mag’s favourite these days for featuring in two different magazine covers the same month! (that too without an upcoming film promotion!) Personally the cover looks pretty simple to the issue that is, but I guess that’s what they had planned to do. Alia is highly photogenic which makes her magazine covers pretty much standout; hence no complaints here. I am surprised how the magazine looks more like a teenage Fashion Mag cover than the usual High end Fash Mag element. Maybe it has to do with Alia’s doll look by Elton J Fernandes and the cute little dress by Alexander McQueen. Overall a cute cover but not their best!


Rating: 6/10
Yay or Neh: Probably a Neh from my side though I am definitely thinking of picking it up for Alia.


This super HI-end Fashion magazine features the Chirpy yet gorgeous Anushka Sharma in Gucci on their upcoming December cover. The thing that stands out in this one is her look of course, but also the innocence and simplicity at large. Anushka is one of those rare ladies in the industry who stands out the No-Makeup look best. She is naturally blessed with such beauty and innocence in her eyes that I am really drawn to her cover everytime. The overall look and background is as artistic as possible on which Harper’s Bazaar stands out almost everytime. Definitely love this cover!


Rating: 7.5/10
Yay or Neh: Yay of course, but could be better with a few less elements here.

I am looking forward to more covers for December namely: Cosmopolitian India, Femina, Filmfare and more. Stay tuned for more!



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