Product Review: Maybelline New York White Superfresh Perfecting Compact


Product: Maybelline New York White Superfresh With Pure Perlite 12 Hr Whitening + Perfecting Compact
Launched: October 2015
Price: Rs.150/- for 8g
Shades Available: Pearl, Shell & Coral
Claim to Heal:
Women feel their complexion looks and feels best in the morning – right after applying compact. However, as the day goes on, ordinary compacts may mix with sweat and oil. Making complexion look dark, dull and patchy. And feel cakey and dirty.
USP: Perlite, UV Filters, 12Hr Fresh & Perfect
Available at: Maybelline Counters, Lifestyle Stores, Shoppers Stop, Online Websites


I have finally decided to review this amazing product here. I had decided it earlier but I am kinda busy these days and somehow the review was not happening. But today I finally decided that it was time. This new product was launched around the middle of October and has been on my must have list since then. I know I have too many compact powders under my possession right now but I definitely couldn’t resist this one. This product not just looks awesome but is so affordable on the pockets that I am sure this will be on every girl’s collection in sometime. Now India being a country of such varied weather conditions, definitely rules on the heat and sweat part. And what saves us from that? Definitely a good old compact powder. Though this intro seems a little wacky, what I want to say is why there is always a search for the best compact powder here. From varied skintypes to skintones, everyone needs a compact which fits them best. Though I already own the one which is my Holy Grail, this one can surely top the list soon!



Now Maybelline New York is a brand which has put on a strong foothold in India. Considering that it is a foreign cosmetic brand, the volume of publicity and usage in general is huge for now. From glamorous new brand ambassadors picked up from the new lot with the likes of Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and now Athiya Shetty, they know when and how to take the limelight. What I like most about this brand is how they combine quality and price. India is a country where cosmetics are expensive in generally mostly due to the lack of number of well know brands. But they know exactly how to price their products. With epic products like their Baby Lips Range, they hereby introduce another of their brand new product: White Superfresh with Pure Perlite 12 Hr Whitening + Perfecting Compact.

This product is a compact powder with elements of pure perlite which claims to whiten and produce a perfect radiance to your skin. It is an all new perfecting compact powder, White Super Fresh that comes in three shades, Pearl, Shell and Coral. It claims to that the new perlite formula absorbs oil and sweat and gives you a fresh look all through the day without touch-ups and stay fresh and fair upto 12 hours.

  • – UV filters protects skin from both sun darkening and damage.
  • – Helps you stay 12HR Fair and Fresh
  • – Perlite, a pure mineral that helps absorbs oil and sweat.
  • – gives a naturally perfect-looking complexion
  • – Suitable for everyday useDSC_0126I honestly saw this online available on a online shopping site before it officially launched at the stores. Now you might question on how is that even possible but it is. But because I was a bit apprehensive, I did not make the purchase then and waited for it to hit the stores. I was also confused about the shade that would match my skintone and did not want to buy it just with an assumption because it will definitely effect my view about it. I got it from the Maybelline counter at Lifestyle Store, Ahmedabad and started using it soon.DSC_0116

    USAGE: Now coming to the usage, with a claim that big I surely had huge expectations. But again after using the Loreal Mat Magique (Click for the Review)  I made myself clear to not be too biased and judgmental with the packaging and price and all. The first thing I noticed is the smell. Now I am a smelling-person who likes to smell the product before using it and to my delight, the powder smells subtle and baby-like. It is not the exact Johnson’s Baby Powder smell, but it is pretty subtle and gentle which makes it immediately likable.


    Now the actual powder has a soft light texture but is also a lit bit powdery. I do not want to say it is bad but the powder is a bit powder so you gotta be careful when you are applying it with a brush or a puff. I bought two out of the three shades: Pearl and Shell. Now Pearl is the lightest of all the available shades and was for my sister who is fair whereas Shell was bought for myself. I am more on the wheat-ish side. Because I did not purchase the shade Coral, I would not comment on that. Pearl is a light color but isn’t too light a shade. People from Fair to Medium skintone can easily use this shade without any apprehensions especially if you want the compact to make you look a bit brighter. Now because I personally like my compact powder to exactly match my skintone, I opted for Shell which has a yellow undertone to it. It is a good shade from Medium skintone and suits me pretty well.



    On applying the powder, it mixed pretty well with my skin but I do advice using a moisturizer before application. It can a bit powdery though not chalky so make sure you use a good moisturizer. The powder is quite soft for the skin and gives a nice bright finish. I really love it to be honest. Also the smell is such a plus part. The product is absolutely great for everyday use and will leave a good glow to your face. My only wish was if it had an SPF which is missing but again it wouldn’t matter much.


    The packaging is definitely the plus point with this product. The outer box looks so cute with the turquoise color that I literally kissed my packet (haha!) The actual pack is a white powder case with Maybelline New York written in sliver. The packet is sleek and handy for travel purposes. The packet could have been classier as such but I am not complaining much on that. The powder comes with a soft puff for application but I personally use a makeup brush for the purpose.


    Conclusion: In overall, at this price this might the best product in the market right now. The powder is soft, subtle and gives a nice finish on the skin and is suitable from oily to dry skin types. Do make sure to use a moisturizer before applying it and the rest is assured. Would be light on your pocket. Definitely a must buy!

    Rating: 9/10


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