Movie Review: Shandaar

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Movie: Shaandaar
Release: 22nd October 2015
Director: Vikas Bahl
Actors: Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Pankaj Kapur
Music Director: Amit Trivedi

Impressions: When the trailer of this movie first came out, I was pretty excited. Alia is a new powerhouse of Young Bollywood who has risen to the top in such a small span of time. Looks, attitude and acting, she has it all. Her pairing with the eternal chocolate boy or man Shahid Kapoor seemed perfect. The trailer looked cute and promising. With hints of witty humor and family grandeur of Bollywood, this was the perfect combo for festive season in India. Bollywood isn’t very good with romantic comedies because at some point of time, it kind blunders someway or another. This movie marks National Award and highly acclaimed ‘Queen’ director, Vikas Bahl second directorial venture. No doubt the expectations were already high rising. I personally liked the pairing and set up. The soundtrack has been one of my favorites late with most of the tracks on top of my music playlist.

My Take: Shaandaar is not just one plot; it is about too many things. I went with my sister to watch this because no matter it looks like a romantic comedy, it is definitely more bizzare than that. You guys might have read many bad reviews about it but honestly, if it was that bad I wouldn’t have definitely gone. The only problem with this movie is the expectations built up by the trailer. With ‘Queen’ as its predecessor, it had too much to handle. This movie was made for a trailer and not the other way. The movie is good and entertaining in bits and parts but not as a full length motion picture. The pairing is strong; Alia and Shahid look incredibly cute together but before the romance sizzles, the storyline fizzles out. The biggest issue is again the lack of a solid story. The base story is absolutely nothing. The movie is about moments not story. You may fall in love with Jaginder Joginder’s handsome charm, Alia’s wild child madness, Isha’s sweetness, Bipin’s fatherly chemistry with his daughters but on the whole it is just the parts. The movie does not definitely follow that the sum is greater than its parts because here the parts are the only enjoyable stuff. I wish greater emphasis was given on a narrative lines and not on kiddish animations (though the idea is cute!) The characters just seem haphazard after one time and you feel you are just wasting your precious time sitting in an AC Theatre because you simply paid for it. I would definitely not give any spoiler out of the story because then there would be nothing left (It’s too less!) The director seems so confusing as to what he wants to do that the result is extremely odd moments and awkward dialogues at times. I personally liked Shahid who seems believable but falls flat in the second half, Alia’s wild child moments which are adorable at times and irritating at times and Pankaj Kapur’s fatherly act which is pretty good. The gold in the bunch is  Sanah Kapur who is Shahid’s real life half sister and plays Alia’s sister Isha in the movie. She is sweet and adorable. I can’t wait to see her makeover to being a new starlet in the making soon!
The cinematography was pretty beautiful and gave us the idea on how much potential this movie had to excel.
My concluding take would be to watch it with a bunch of kids on a picnic than go with a date. It seems more like a kid movie than a romantic comedy. I tried so hard to love it but just could not. Wish ‘Shaandaar’ was as grand as its title. Go for it only if you are die hard Shahid or Alia fan. Nothing much in it!

Rating: 6/10


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