LookBook: Get My Navratri Makeup Look this season!


Sorry for being a little late for this post, but Durga Puja and Navratri just finished off and I was pretty busy with the preps at home. I just love the months from October because there are so many festivals lined up in India. You just cannot get over dressing up and looking all glam this season. Now Navratri is a festival which is essentially celebrated in the state of Gujarat in India. It marks the start of the arrival of Ma Durga and is celebrated through Garba which is a dance form heavily popular here. Navratri may have a great religious importance but it is equally known for its traditional charm when it comes to fashion. Now coming back, this year I opted for a lighter color for my ‘Chaniya Choli’ which is the traditional dress for women for this festival. It is basically a long skirt with traditional embroidery and a crop blouse. These are mostly in very bright colors and are handmade by local artisans. The entire market in Gujarat are filled with these round the year but the best ones are available only before and during the occasion.

The Chaniya Choli was cream white on which gorgeous handmade embroidery was done with fluorescent colors like pink, blue and orange. I was pretty confused with the color of the dupatta which would go with it. I searched the entire market but couldn’t find anything special. I ended up buying a bright pink one from Reliance Trends Sale counter but later realized that it was small in size for the drapping! Anyways for my rescue I ended up wearing the bright yellow dupatta I used last year. It had a silvery border and some colorful patches to make it look regal. It completely matched my outfit.

Now coming to the makeup. I kept my look bright but minimal as I didn’t want to look too gordy (especially with the paired up dress!)
All the makeup & skincare products used are:


Garnier Pure Naturals Neem+Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash
Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream
L’oreal Paris Mat magique All-in-One Matte Tranforming Powder
Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Lakme Eyeconic Kajal
Divo Eyelash Curle
Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara
Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Redemption Eye shadow Pallette
Maybelline New York Bold Matte MAT5
Streetwear Color Rich Ultramoist Lipstick in Fire Ur Ex
Lotus Colorclick Kajal



What I did:

I started up by cleaning up my face with the Garnier Pure Naturals Neem+Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash. I have an oily skin and it requires some nice cleanup before I put on makeup.
After washing my face, I avoided applying a foundation as dancing will put off the entire foundation making my face look like a mess. So to moisturize my skin, I applied Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream which suits me completely. It is moisturizing without being too oily and helps give me a good glow.
I followed this with a dab of Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder which is my favuorite compact of all time. This compact acts a great base as it is so close to my skintone.
Then to add some glamour, I use L’oreal Paris Mat magique All-in-One Matte Tranforming Powder which gives a brighter finish to my face.
I then applied my essential Lakme Eyeconic Kajal across my eyes for a fuller look.
I used Divo Eyelash Curler to curl my lashes and topped it up with Lakme Eyeconic Mascara.
For glaming up my eyes which is most essential I used the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Redemption Eye shadow Pallette especially the shades which were copper and gold. It would give my eyes some festive drama.
For my lips, I opted bright reds from Maybelline New York Bold Matte MAT5 and 
Streetwear Color Rich Ultramoist Lipstick in Fire Ur Ex which I mixed up well to give a glam quotient to my lips. I would have opted for pink if my attire didn’t have too much pink in it. That’s why I thought Red would be prefect contrast as well as brighten my face up.
For the finish, I used the Lotus Colorclick Kajal to make some cute black dot designs on my eyes which look very ethnic here for the celebration.

I pin straightened my hair and used gold and silver traditional jewelry to give an overall regal and sweet look.


I hope you guys like it! Please comment and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.



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