OnTheBuzz: How Piggy Chops is Rocking QUANTICO


Quantico is an American television thriller series created by Joshua Safran, that premiered on ABC on Sunday September 27, 2015. The series’ protagonist is Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra), who is suspected of committing a terrorist attack. Flashbacks tell her story and the ones of her fellow recruits at the FBI Academy in Quantico. ABC ordered a full season on October 13, 2015, with an ordered 19 episodes. – Wikipedia

When it was announced a few months ago that Priyanka Chopra was cast as the lead of new ABC TV Series ‘QUANTICO‘, I admit I wasn’t amused. Looking at the long list of Indian Actors who have said to star in various International Projects have mostly been disappointing taking into account the support roles and less of  screen space as well as publicity. That’s exactly why I had not planned to watch QUANTICO in the first place. Call it being judgmental or presuming; it just did not feel like working. With Priyanka stirring up international media with her Indian-ess and international presence at the same place, people were definitely interested. I have to say this gal has proved herself much more than much renowned actors and that is what seems to be working. She is what we call ‘an experimentally cool beauty’. VOGUE India this month defines COOL as “…an attitude of self-assurance.”

This is what Piggy Chops seems to be exactly doing. She is undoubtedly beauty with brains; simpleness mixed with a dash of  sheer glamour. I have to admit she may not my favourite of the lot, but what makes her stand out is her desire to do more and more. There are very few people in the industry who have been good with multi-tasking. And here is a former Miss World (generally bashed by people saying that girls in pageants are just bimbos attracting attention! Such Misogynist-ism!) who can act (she won her prestigious National Award for FASHION), Sing (in Hindi and English) and produce; all at the same time!

Coming back to why I decided to write this post in the first. An usual weekend I just flip through the TV and find QUANTICO playing. And what do I do? Well I just sit there and decide to watch it with a closed brain. Did I expect anything? Nopes.
And then after sometime you realize that the show is nice..well its good..its Great! I mean woah! Seeing an Indian Bollywood actress doing a sex scene in her first international project! WOW! Don’t get me wrong. Its not about doing such a scene but what I appreciate here about this wonderful actress is her ability to pull off a difficult scene on her first go. We all are aware about the conservative and narrow perspective of people in our country on how such things are seen as ‘demeaning’ and ‘low’. But isn’t it a reality? Name me an Indian actress who hasn’t minded doing ‘Love making scenes’ on her first international project? None.


I fell in love with QUANTICO not just because of the interesting story, great pace and good support actors; I did because this is what shows the evolution of Priyanka Chopra not just an actor but as a global star. I know it may be too soon to say something like that. But I can’t deny the fact that this lady carries her oomph hotness and wittiness like a pro. She has not just managed to grab a role; but actually play a lead in a series which takes her character seriously. That is what is the beauty of Piggy Chops in QUANTICO. With the action scenes and twists, I am expecting a lot from this show now that it has grabbed my attention. Also looking at the overall positive reviews both in India and overseas; we can expect much more firecrackers with this Indian hottie this Diwali. Let’s sit and watch; I am looking forward to you Ms. Piggy Chops.

Shweta ♥


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