CURRENTREADS: The Preacher by Camilla Läckberg


Book: The Preacher
Author: Camilla Läckberg
Year of Publishing: 2004
Mood: Mysterious & Intense

Camilla Läckberg became one of my favourites when I read her debut novel ‘The Ice Princess’ about three years ago. As these books are difficult to find in India (They are english translations of Swedish Novels), I gave up finding her books long ago. I came across this book a few days ago when I went at a Grand Book Fair in the city and I immediately bought this one. Thankfully this is the sequel to the previous one I had read and thus I started reading it almost immediately. I remember how scared I was by her earlier novel but this one just broke that record. The premise of the story is a kid finds a body of a young woman at a tourist attraction when he goes there to play alone. Soon the remains of two other beings are found at the same spot. All the evidence hints at an old family locked in decades of family problems. It is a crime fiction about how the case is solve basically but what interested me was how the evidences and conclusions are all the time going in different directions. I love how the book took me in a horror-cum-mysterious ride and I felt myself engrossed into the story more and more. The best part about Läckberg is her ability to see the psychology in the characters and the way the story is woven. It gave me more chills and an eerie feeling which is explainable. Read it for yourself to know. The comic timing of our previous protagonists, Erika & Pratik is a breath of fresh air in between all the serious game and I wished she made Erika more active in this one. Overall a great read if you are into crime fiction. The book is satisfying and engaging all in all.

Ratings: 8/10


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