CURRENTREADS: Of Love And Other Demons by Gabriel García Márquez


Book: Of Love and Other Demons
Author: Gabriel García Márquez
Year of Publishing: 1994
Mood: Historic & Sad

I had been planning to start with this author since so long. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of the celebrated authors who have a cult following among literature lovers these days. No way was I going to miss this books. I got two books: ‘Hundred Years of Solitude’ and this one. I won this book as a prize from Amazon India contest (Thanks Amazon guys once again!) and after reading it I know how good I was in selecting this one. The story is historic in nature and talks about that time in Columbia when an arrival of ships where for trade. A young girl is bitten by a dog having Rabies and because she is the only survival of this disease of ‘The Demon’, she is taken away by the Church to be exorcised. Now here is the twist, the young priest who is given this task gradually starts to believe that she isn’t possessed but ambiguous nature is just due to negligence and deprivation of love and care. Though the back cover says that the book is about how the priest (the only one convinced of her actual condition) will be able to convince the society who is indulged into such beliefs. But trust me, it is an understatement. The book is highly sensual and emotional at time; realistic and sad in other times. Go for this book only if you are ready to go through some sadness. I love how interestingly the characters are sketched in the story and how it progresses. The story can be bit slow and draggy at times but do not give up; it is surely worth it. Recommended!

Rating: 8/10


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