Reviewed: L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique All-In-One Pressed Powder Review

Today I will be reviewing one of the most talked about beauty product being talked about nowadays in India; The L’Oreal Paris Mat Magique All-In-One Pressed Powder. This is basically a compact powder launched by L’Oreal Paris at an affordable price because of which you can see the hues-and-cries over this cosmetic everywhere in India now. These come at 5 different shades for different complexions.


This product is being endorsed by none other than Sonam Kapoor who is the brand Ambassador of the company here in India. I must say I was pretty impressed with the marketing of the product; especially the color scheme. I think this product was launched at a lower price than its other compact powders (which cost above 500 bucks) for targeting college going girls who have less budget to buy makeup products.

Honestly, I did not plan to buy this one so quickly after the launch because its still pricey for my pocket (atleast for a compact) plus I am a loyalist to the Rimmel London Compact which is the most awesome compact I have ever used. But the packing of this one is so cute and attractive that I ended up buying it intuitively from Lifestyle Store L’Oreal Paris counter in the city.


Brand: L’Oreal Paris
Product: Compact Powder
Price: Rs 399/-
Claim: The 1st Magical Matte All-in-One Powder infused with Volcanic Perlite, A        Natural yet powerful Sebum  Absorbant. SPF 34 PA+++
Primes + : Poreless Skin Perfection That lasts, 12 H Shine-Free
Perfects + : Covers pores and minimizes appearance of all Blemishes and skin imperfections
Brightens + : Impeccable Instant Fairness, complexion enjoys a just-out of shower fresh finish and sensation 


So as I said earlier, they have chosen a very color for this product which is a Rose Pink that too bright and metallic. I must say they have used a lot of thought in the packing and look of the product which is a very important point for beauty products. Also teh font used to write the product’s name on top is stylish.


The product comes in a bright pink and black metallic package with the name on the top and ingredients and claims written at the sides and back respectively. As I was purchasing the product for the first time, I preferred buying it from a beauty counter rather than online (had a few discounts going on; but couldn’t afford to take the risk)
The lady at the counter suggested me that the second lightest shade of the product i.e. G2 Golden Ivory would suit my skintone. So I went forward and bought the same.


The main compact comes in a circular two case powder box which looks gorgeously stylish and chic. It is very handy to be carried in a purse or a makeup pouch. It would fit into a sling bag finely too.


On the backside, you can see that they have provided a puff for the application of the powder. Though I used to use such puffs for applying my compact powders initially; I prefer using a proper makeup brush now as it spreads the product more intricately on the skin and gives a cleaner look (you do not want to look like that girl in the horror movie with too much powder on the face!)


The actual shade of the powder looks very close to my skin color and isn’t very light. The surface is neat and there was even ‘L’Oreal’ embossed over it (which disappeared after I started using it)


When you flip the circular container having the powder, you can see that the next compartment has a mirror fixed on top and along with the puff below. Now here is my little complain. Though the packaging looks very compact, I find it kinda inconvenient because every time you take the product on the puff or a brush you have to flip to see yourself in the mirror and then again repeat the whole process. Not very convenient I must say especially when you are out somewhere.  Also the packaging is very delicate; though not very flimsy. I am sure it will break the moment it falls off your hand thus being careful with this is a must.


Now coming to the actual product, the powder does not have any string smell but a subtle nice smell which is pleasant. The texture of the powder is a bit dry and rough though the pigmentation is very nice. This is where I wasn’t very convinced about the product as such; you can see for yourself why it is priced low. It just doesn’t feel so expensive or smooth while applying. It isn’t that the product is bad; it is a good compact but you will know why you are compromising with the texture. The texture will definitely suit people with oily skin than with dry skin. Even though I have a very oily skin, I still felt that it was chalky for me. I don’t have a clue what will be the case with dry skin. This also has a SPF 34 which is very good for daily use before college or office. The staying power is good enough; I would say at least for 4-5 hours, after which you will need to reapply it.


Another issue I had was the shade. After I applied it I realized that I would have needed a shade darker. I mean it literally whitens my face which I am not fond of! I would have preferred to have a clean need base but it makes me whiter! Now that is the counter lady’s fault. But I can also understand she would have chosen this shade for me; the powder looks like my complexion from above but the powder is lighter. (Sigh.)
To conclude I would say that this is a good buy for the price though not the best. It is a hyped product which did not work for me much but may work for your skin. So at the end it’s your take. But you can also try other brands who have budget compacts before you rush and take this one.

Rating: 7/10

Shweta ♥


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