PlayMyMuzik: 10 Kpop Girl Group Artists you should know!

Hey beauties! It’s time for some music and not just any music list but Kpop! I am a Kpop-holic since six years now and to be honest it is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Each one of you must be having a dozen of interesting hobbies and this is one I am proud to have. I have been always into music since childhood but my interest in world cultures was the thing that brought me to Kpop. Since then, there has been no turning back. My cellphone music playlist has almost 3K songs and trust me, 60% is always Kpop. For the beauties who are still clueless about it, Kpop stands for Korean Pop Music which came into limelight since the Hallyu Wave (a movement of Korean culture spreading like a wild fire across the globe) To be honest, you may love it or hate it; but you definitely can’t ignore it.


So here is the list of 10 Kpop Girl Group Artists whom you should definitely be familiar of or atleast listen their music at some point of time.

  1. Girls’ Generation (소녀시대)
    Girls’ Generation or SNSD (Sonyeo Shidae in Korean) is a 8 member group (formerly 9 with Jessica Jung) under the Godfather of South Korean entertainment, SM entertainment who debuted in 2007 with their single ‘Into The New World’. In 2009, they returned and smashed the music charts with their biggest hit ‘Gee’ which established them as the Queens of Kpop. With simultaneous hit songs like ‘Genie’, ‘Oh!’ ‘Run Devil Run’, ‘The Boys’, ‘Galaxy Supernova’, ‘Flower Power’, ‘Divine’, ‘I Got a Boy’, ‘Party’ and the recent ‘You Think’ and ‘Lion Heart’ these girls are the highest earning korean entertainment artists. They are known for their beautiful vocals and experiment with different styles of music with every release. They also have a very strong base in Japan where their music is loved and admired. You don’t need much explanation to love them. Listen to their tracks and watch a few of their music videos, you would know why I call them my Idols. (I am a SONE!) You can check their music video for ‘The Boys’ down below!

  2. 2NE1
    2NE1 is a four member group formed under the other Father of Kpop Industry, YG Entertainment who debuted in 2009 with their smashing hit, ‘Fire’. These girls are popular all over the globe with their wacky and high definition style of music. They may seem crazy at first (I know Indians too well!) but you will soon have their music growing on you. They are complex stuff; they aren’t lovable at first sight but crazy addict-able later. Their single ‘I Don’t Care’, ‘I Love You’, ‘Lonely’ and ‘Missing You’ got me hook. Do try their music once. You may get addicted more than you decided to! You can check their music video for ‘I Love You’ down below!

    sistar-music-hd-wallpaper-1920x1200-9931SISTAR is a four member group under Starship Entertainment who debuted in 2010 with single ‘Push Push’. Though this group did not catch my attention much, but their debut song was catchy enough for me to watch their MV. The thing that I noticed about this group was that though the MV was not dirty, the song did give me a overall wild song vibe. My intuition did come true; these girls turned themselves into the hottest girls in Kpop town with hit singles like ‘Alone’, ‘So Cool’, ‘Touch My Body’, ‘Give It To Me’ and ‘I Swear’. They are young, hot and awesomely sexy. Sexy enough to make me envy. Watch their music videos and you would know the reason behind me saying this. Catch up their music video for ‘Alone’ below!

  4. Wonder Girls
    wonder-girls-5Wonder Girls is a four member group (Previously five) under JYP Entertainment who debuted in 2007 with their single ‘Irony’. They are known as the ‘Retro Queens of Kpop’ due to their immensely mega hit single ‘Nobody’ in 2008 which established their popularity across the globe and also caught my attention (they even released an english version of the same track and collaborated with Akon for their US single ‘Like Money’. Their songs ‘Nobody’, ‘Tell Me’ and their latest ‘I Feel You’ has made me their fan ever since. If you are a fan of retro music, this group’s song is a must listen for you. You can check the music video for ‘Nobody’ down below!

  5. KARA
    kara_damagedlady_kpop_650-430KARA is a four member group (Previously five with Nicole and Ji Young; Presently substituted by Young Ji) under DSP Entertaiment who debuted in 2007 with ‘Break It’. Although at the start they planned to display a mature image being a successor to their mega successful sister group, FIN.KL, they soon made changes in the group and returned with the cutesy image. This was hailed as great sucess for them and soon they started experimenting with different concepts which was slowly being accepted throughout their fandom. They singles ‘Wanna’ got me hooked to them. Later with more singles like ‘Mister’, ‘Jumping’, ‘Lupin’, ‘Step’ and ‘Damaged Lady’, I was completely into them. At one point of time I loved their songs even more than SNSD’s though it later changed with their attention to more cute songs in Japan where their popularity is more. I personally think the strong KARA works more for me than the cute one though with group changes and newer singles, my expectation has increased for now. Do check them out! You can check their music video for ‘Jumping’ down below!

  6. After School
    9125356After School is a seven member group (previously eight) under Pledis Entertainment who debuted in 2009 with their single ‘Ah!’. These girls are known as the ‘Korean Pussycat Dolls’ for their sexy vibe. This is what I called the most underrated girl group ever. They have so much potential which is unused most of the times apart from a few singles that have made them popular. This group started what is called the ‘Graduation System’ where a single member leaves it and gets replaced by a new one in order to keep the group working in the same way. The group’s ex-member Kahi (she is the sexiest woman ever in Kpop and my idol!) was their leader who went through a hard time establishing the group. None the less, the group is more popular in Japan than in Korea and has gone through a series of group line changes. This group is known for its experimental styles of music and choreography (they even did a pole dance!). They continue to remain one of my top favourite kpop groups. Their songs ‘Diva’, ‘Because of You’, Rambling Girls’, ‘Flashback’, ‘First Love’, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Shh’ are my absolute must-listen! Check out their music video for their Japanese single ‘Heaven’ down below!

  7. 4Minute
    4minute_054Minute is a five member group under Cube Entertainment who debuted in 2009 with their hot single ‘Hot Issue’ This group has been my favourite since I watched their music video for the track ‘Muzik’. They started with a more electro-pop club sound and later experimented with different styles of music. Hyuna has been a sex-bomb in the kpop industry ever since their solo debut but I love the group activities more. These girls can sing, dance, rap and look edgy at the same time. This group has always given me a mature strong vibe which is unsual in Kpop because every group does a cutesy concept atleast once. But I guess that’s what I like about them. There has been no group line changes since their debut and no cute songs. That’s the uniqueness this group had. Their singles ‘Muzik’, ‘HuH’, Heart to Heart’, ‘Mirror Mirror’, ‘Volume Up’ ‘Love Tension’, ‘What’s My Name’ and ‘Whatcha doin’ today?’ has always been there on my playlist. Do checkout their music video for ‘Muzik’ down below!

  8. T-ARAtara01T-ARA is a six member group (previously seven) under Core Contents Media who debuted in 2009 with their hit single ‘Lies’. They had been very popular since their rookie days and hence a lot of interest was gathered on them. Their debut also marked my interest in this group because I really liked the bittersweet style they used in that song being a debut artist. These girls have gone under lot of controversies in the last few years but their music still continues to be the favourite of a lot. There has been tremendous change in the group line since day 1 and hence most of the times you will get confused with the members. They gained their immense popularity with a more Retro style of music along with starting the concept of making music movies as music videos. From retro to electropop to bubblegum pop, this group has done it all. Their hit singles ‘Roly Poly’, ‘Lovey Dovey’, ‘Sexy Love’ and ‘Sugar Free’ are my hot favourites even now. You will definitely dance to their tracks, be sure about that. Check out their music video for ‘Lovey Dovey’ down below!
  9. F(x)
    fx-kpop-650x400F(x) is a four member group (previously five with Sulli) under SM Entertainment which debuted in 2009 with their single ‘LaChaTa’. To be crazy honest, this was the group who made me come into the world of Kpop. The year of their debut was the year I became addicted and the very reason was their debut single. The song is catchy, classy, funky and so much fun. Also their member ‘Amber’ caught my attention so much that I had to end up watching their music video a zillion times. This group is what they call an underrated girl group who has the most potential to become the next bog thing in Kpop. They are mostly into electropop which makes them an instant favourite among people with dance craze. They are young, talented, eclectic and awesome. Their single ‘Chu’, ‘Electric Shock’ and ‘Hot Summer’ are still on my playlist. Catch up their music video for ‘Electric Shock’ below!

  10. APink
    A-Pink_1394724263_af_orgAPink is a six member group (previously seven) under Cube Entertainment who debuted in 2011 with their single ‘You Don’t Know’. They rose to an instant fame due to a cutesy image portrayed at a time in Kpop when most of the debuting groups chose a sexy concept. They were initially compared to ‘Girls’ Generation’ for their great vocals and sweet image charms. To be honest, I found their debut song too cheesy and uninteresting except that the music video was very pretty. But their later single ‘Hush’ got me hooked to them. Following with hit singles like ‘My My’, ‘NoNoNo’, ‘Luv’ and their latest ‘Remember’, they continue to keep the sweet cute concept intact and charm kpop fans across. I am a new fan of this group and have really high expectations in the future. Check out their music video for ‘Hush’ down below!

    So have you decided yet..who is your pick?

    Shweta ♥

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