CurrentReads: Girl Online by Zoe Snugg


Book: Girl Online
Author: Zoe Snugg a.k.a Zoella
Year of Publishing: 2014
Mood: Happy & Girly

I won this book as a prize of a contest by Amazon India and I was so happy to get my hands laid on this cute book. The first thing that caught my attention was the super cute book cover. The color, the pictures; everything talked about a blogger. Being a blogger myself, I know the dream of writing and publishing a book one day. I was already a fan of Youtube Blogger Michelle Phan but had never actually heard of Zoella till I started reading this. Now Zoella is one of my favourite bloggers with her happy smile and cheerfulness. I have been reading this book for too long; more than two weeks and still counting. I am not a slow reader as such but I am reading this book leisurely because of a reason. i had been into severe depression since the last few months and this book kinda helped me distract and get over it. This is a teen book in simple English but I am loving this feeling of being a teen again. Going through some tough times, I have realized that it is always better to see the world with a child’s eyes. This book of about a clumsy yet lovable teenage girl called Penny who is a blogger and how blogging helps her messed up life to become beautiful and sustainable. I love how this book makes me feel all happy, cheerful and excited. I had missed feeling like this since so long. I plan to finish this book in the next one week and gasp some of its good feelings inside me.

Rating: 8/10


7 thoughts on “CurrentReads: Girl Online by Zoe Snugg

  1. Hey 🙂

    Oh, I really liked the book as well. It is a ‘teen book’, which is supposebly a bad thing (?), but I really liked it! The fact that the main character is a blogger makes me (and other bloggers) relate to it so much more!

    Have a nice day. 🙂


    ( also, I saw that you liked jazz – in your bio -? HIGH FIVE! I love jazz! 😀 )


    1. Yeah I am a jazz lover! Nothing soothes me more than jazz! Well the book may be a teen book (which is regarded not so literary in general!) but it is wonderfully uplifting! I am loving every moment of it! Also the blogger thing makes me relate too 🙂
      Have a great day Dora! Keep writing!
      Shweta 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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