Reviewed: Garnier Pure Active Neem + Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash Review

Hey Guys! I have decided to put on more product reviews from now on and so today I will be reviewing the all new Garnier Pure  Active Neem+Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash which came out a month or two ago in the Indian Markets. As we all know this is certainly not a very innovative product as Indian skincare market is stuffed with loads of such ‘Natural Neem and Tulsi’ face washes. Garnier has launched this new product trying to capture the usual young teenage girls as the prospective customers. I think making Alia Bhatt the new face of Garnier was a great move because this has made a tremendous amount of change in the way girls or women look at this brand. Now coming back to the product, the following are the stats:


Weight: 100 grams
Price: Rs 105/- (Approx $2)


The facewash is water based like the ‘Clean & Clear’ facewash range and hence the reason I bought it in the first place. I am not a big fan of creamy face wash as they too-much-chemical-y for my oily and breakout-prone skin. I have a sensitive skin and hence I prefer face washes which are mild and subtle. As the Clean & clear one is one of my essentials, I decided to try this one as well.


Less product is required for usage as it is quite flowly and floam friendly. The foam lather is less than the Clean & Clear facewash but still good enough. I used it immediately after I came back after a long day and hence it was the best time to use it. My skin generally becomes a oil-cake after I come back from out and is greasy and a mess. I applied a little amount of this product which is about 1-2 drops, and it was enough for my face. I applied it all over my face and even a part of my neck. I kept it for around a min after I applied it and then washed it off. My skin was instantly grease-free and bright. The feel of my skin was good though not the best. I do not wish to complain about anything as such but I can’t help comparing it with the Clean & Clear one because they are so similar in their feel. On the whole, it cleaned my face quite good and made it bright and sunny.

IMG_20150924_150930 IMG_20150924_150941

The packing is cute and attractive. The neon green color of the content is quite eye-catchy and don’t blame yourself too much for picking this product when you go to the super market for shopping. I am not really sure that the color is natural but the packaging is good enough. It claims to remove 99.9% pimple germs which I think is a claim as good as of any other such product. The best part of the product is having Tea Tree Leaf oil in its contents (yay!) The product isn’t 100% natural as the ‘Himalaya Neem Face wash’ but none the less it is a good face wash. I like the smell which is not too strong not too mild but a subtle one.


Overall at 105 Rs, this facewash from Garnier is a good investment for your skin and should mostly be working for all skin types. It is a daily use product and hence I conclude that though the marketing raises the expectation too high, it works for me. If you are looking for the facewash which is not too strong and harsh, this one’s for you. Go and try once. If you guys have already tried it, do tell me about it. Comment below and I would surely reply.

Rating: 7.5/10


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