OnTheBuzz: F.R.I.E.N.D.S Turns 21 this Week!

Okay people now I will be severely going on a FRIENDS-mode. I have been a FRIENDS-holic since forever! I feel like I am an old woman now. And as the Awesomest-show-in-the-history-of-TV turns 21 this week,  I would dedicate this post to what I think about our beloved-6 characters characters of the show! 


Here are my views on the characters. It is going to be what I love and hate about them and what I thought should have been their future by the finale.

  1. Monica Geller: Okay lets get it straight. Monica was the sane of all the beings. She may have been the crazy-OCD-clean-freak, but she was the only one who seemed like most of my friends in real life. She was not a very lovable character, but I personally love her. I have always been confused as to which is the character to whom I can associate myself. And yeah to the horror, its her. The thing I loved the most about Monica was how clear and honest she was about the stuff she wanted for herself. Let’s just say in clear words, that I loved the B****iness in her. I loved how she would be there for everyone but still do what she wants to. I wish I would be like her in ways where she was bold enough to stand for herself. She doesn’t care about what will others think about her OCD or her wackiest stuff. She does what she loves and that is why I suppose I would be MONICA one day. My only wish was to see her being a mother at the end. I know the whole adoption thingie was nice and touching but I really wished she could give birth on the show because that is what she always wished. I am not being anti-feminist or anything but if you see her on the show for the whole 10 seasons, you would know why I am saying this. The nicest part was her getting married to Chandler which I thought was way more better option than Richard was. Because with Chandler, she was equal. She didn’t have insecurities or inferior issues. I guess that was total justice to Monica on this show. Love her and will always do!
  2. Chandler Bing: I freaking love this man! I personally think I would fall in love with him in real life if he was ever my best friend! Though most people won’t say he was handsome, I think Chandler is a charming young man. Men nowadays could die to be as humorous as him. His punch lines and expressions were almost to-die-for. Though his character development isn’t much but from a young desperate man to a happily married guy, I love how his character transcends through the 10 seasons. I loved his humor and satire too much to ignore. The thing that pinched me a bit was how never figured out what he actually wanted to do in his life. I mean to say in terms of his career. I would have loved to see him grow on that part. Apart from that, I don’t think I would complain about anything in particular. Also I particularly love the way he went outside his box to propose Monica and marry her. It wasn’t easy, he was a bit of a commitment phobic but the proposal scene yet remains one of the most romantic scenes of all time. Also I would like to add that I shipped Monica and Chandler more than Ross and Rachel. These two weirdos were the perfect example of how real life couples are and should be: loving and wacky and besties. Chandler was, is and will forever be EPIC!
  3. Rachel Green: Coming to this diva, I admit she was the one I started watching FRIENDS for and so I give her the credit. She was the hottest and prettiest of the lot (not that I love Monica and Pheobe less!) Every look of her on the show created history and made Jen a household name. Now coming to Rachel, the thing I love about her is again how much flawed and real she is. She is another of the strong women on the show who stands for herself but throughout the seasons you can see how she grows up from being daddy’s spoilt girl to an independent woman. I thing that doesn’t go down with me well is the fact that she is sometimes too damn selfish and irritating. I mean do not get me wrong, I love Rachel but at times she can be as annoying as we are. I mean you literally see her moods like a mirror. It’s both the best and worst part of her. For my expectations I would have loved to see her go to Paris but coming back for Ross and others. I mean who leaves Louis Vuitton? Or else, I would have just loved a happy marriage with Ross which on the back of my mind I always knew would never fit with the characters. Anyways love her! (P.S – wish I can have her figure *O*)
  4. Ross Geller: This geek stole my heart when I started watching the show. He is kinda wacky hot for me and I wouldn’t have mind dating him. But as you see the seasons more and more you see how confused he becomes. That’s another dip into realism my pals. This guy is sweet and sensitive but also has the crazy Geller courage to do stuff he wants (no matter how crazed up messed up he becomes doing that). I love his sensitive chocolate boyfriend style so much that I one point I saw his good qualities as ideals for BF requirement. But over the seasons you see how he comes out of his boyhood and yet doesn’t grow over it completely. I guess that happens with every man out there. Even with so many marriages, divorces and dating, he never loses heart and keeps on going on. (Okay this sounds hilarious!) I loved how he showed his sensitive side to only Rachel and even when things messed up, alll he wanted to do was live. Being a doting father to both his children, he was the heart broken 20th century Romeo who melted my heart. Yeah at times I hated him for being too geeky or annoying like his sister but hey wasn’t then we laughed at the show? Anyways I would have loved to see him finally married and settled with Rachel at the end because that’s how he would know that he did not mess up with his life all these 10 years. Yet it wouldn’t work out so well..would it?
  5. Joey Tribbiani: JOEY DOESN”T SHARE FOOD. And hence my love for this guy. Oh god, there hasn’t been a single episode on the show where Joey hasn’t been able to make me laugh. I think Joey is the character who has suffered the most injustice on this show. Not just because he doesn’t end up with anyone, but because his love lines had been cross lined too much in the wrong direction. He is the character who grows up the most on this show. From the Pilot episode to the finale, if there is a character who is unrecognizable, its Joey for sure. I loved how sensitive and strong he was at the same time. The way he stood for his buddies no matter who that person was and did everything possible to help them. I used to sometimes wish I had a friend like Joey. He would be wacky, smart, dumb but cute. His sassiness made me green with envy because being a girl, even I don’t have so much girl swag. There was nothing to hate about his character though his love line with Rachel was totally horribly wrong. I just could not see them together or him falling for her was just completely avoidable. The best character I was happy for Joey to get his own show later but I would have really loved him to be together with Pheobe in the end. I mean I could see that chemistry between them; I wonder how could the writers not see it? Also that would have made another great couple on the show. I still feel bad on the show not meeting this expectation. I wish they did. But Joey, was good. Too good to be true.
  6. Phoebe Buffay: Who doesn’t remember Smelly Cat? I mean its still ringing in my head as I am writing this. This girl was the most insignificant part until you start seeing her closely after the pilot episode. I loved Phoebe for the fact that she was simple yet complex; easy yet tough; funny yet sensitive. Also I loved how she was mentally apart from the other characters and yet cared for them so much. Her wedding was also surprising yet needed to make her life happier. It isn’t that she wasn’t content. But I always felt that her life was empty and it missed something. I still feel bad that the writers never made Phoebe and Joey fall in Love which would have been so easy. They had special care for each other which no one else was aware of. I wish that would have happened. Because with Mike as her husband, it became to monotonous I must say. Wish they came out with a show for her as well, it would have been epic as her. Love Phoebe’s wackiness!

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