Dear all my favourite ladies,

I apologize from the bottom of my heart for not updating the site since so long. It’s been exactly one and a half months since I have not touch the space here. Sorry for that! My life has turned into a sea tide of things and gazillion matters are roaming inside my mind like astonished spirits. Highlighting the good and bad, I had a road accident two weeks ago which has made a huge impact on my mobility. Also my workplace has turned into a mad maniac sort of situation. The only good thing has been that I have started reading again which has ultimately helped me keep a pace of my mind nowadays. I had forgotten how much I used to enjoy reading before. Also, a short visit from my Baba (That’s the bengali word for Dad) has made me realize how much I was missing him. Life has changed so much in the last two months. I no longer have a count on what I do and what I don’t. Things have been hazy as hell and utterly ambiguous. I hope I finally put my foot on things and take control. It’s high time I do it. I just wanted to write this small piece of note before I start updating the site once again. Hope you ladies are enjoying your lives and having loads of smiles and laughter. If that’s not the case, kindly wash your face, put on some fruity lipbalm, tie your hair, make a nice cup of coffee, put on some of your favourite music and start writing little notes to yourself. You all are beautiful and strong. It’s just a matter of time you realize it.


Shweta ♥


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