Reviewed: Garnier Fructis Oil-in-Cream Review!

Hello Guys! I am really sorry for the late post. I have just started my job and its keeping me really busy these days. But I have finally decided to update the site every Saturday and Wednesday! Will put up this notice officially!
So the product I would be reviewing today is the All New Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream Oil Replacement Cream. This was out in market about a month ago (correct me if I am wrong). This product comes in 3 sizes: 60g for Rs.35/-, 100g for Rs.60/- and 200g for Rs.100/-


I bought it at a supermarket rather than online which is odd (hehe!) Anyways I didn’t give much thought while purchasing it. I bought the biggest pack because it seemed worth the price. 

What the product says: “New Garnier Fructis Oil-in-cream Oil Replacement Cream with Cononut, Almond and Olive Oil. The goodness of hair oil in a light cream texture. The cream texture melts away without leaving sticky residue and does not weigh your hair down. Hair looks bouncy and full of life. Get the nourishment of hair oils in a non sticky cream format:

  • Nourishes and hair feels stronger
  • Zero stickiness and mess
  • Pleasant long lasting fragrance

My Experience: To be honest, just as I said I did not give much thought while buying it. I just wanted to give it a try being a new product as I was really frustrated with the texture of my hair. This product is of a light cream consistency. Neither too thin liquid-like nor too thick. I liked that it was non greasy and easy to wash. I used it for the first time just according to the directions given in the pack with says to use it before hairwash just like an oil and then wash off. The other method given on the pack is to use it overnight and then wash. As I did not have the patience to use it overnight I just dabbed some on my hair and washed it down. I would say I wasn’t much impressed on the first go because this product has a lovely fragrance which was so subtle and nice. But my shampoo completely took over it. Also because I did not use proper amount of the product, it wasn’t that effective. 


The second time I just used it like a normal oil on my already greasy-oily-hair which made it look oilier but was lighter in real terms. So I finally decided to use it as a conditioner after my hairwash today, and VOLAH! My hair is super smooth, bouncy and soft. The fragrance is intact and wonderful (almost Dreamy as my friend, Swarnali mentioned on my Instagram post!) (Follow me by my username: @sarangisbeautiful)


Conclusion: I conclude from my personal experience that the best way to use this product is like a conditioner. I am sure you guys will love it!

Rating: 8/10 ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆


7 thoughts on “Reviewed: Garnier Fructis Oil-in-Cream Review!

  1. ur take on the product is quite similar to mine!!! and yes, im quite liking ur blog…good job! u were such a cutie tiny baby when u used to come over to our place with reshmi years ago..n look at u now…all grown up..running a blog! loads of wishes to u babyy..all the best..xoxo


  2. and guess what..I have already been running out of the 1st tube of this product…n I checked 5-6 shops yesterday..n all of them have ran out of stock. Quite a good product na? 😉


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